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Lucius advice, and guild hounds?

Jon Kerr

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Hi all,

New to the forum, and eagerly awaiting my first Malifaux boxed set- Lucius.

I had a look around and started to make plans for bring my crew up to 35ss with a few additions, but I I'm looking for some advice as to what sounds like a reasonable all-round crew.

I particularly love the idea of the Guild Hounds, so my first question is- how usefull are they to Lucius? Worth taking?

I also came up with a couple of set-ups for my 35ss crews, and any advice on these would be much appreciated.

To begin with, using as many models from the starter set as possible:


Ryle (8)

Lawyer (7)

Guard Captain (7)

Guild Guard (4)

3 Guild Hounds (9)

Later, as I manage to pick up a few more models:


Drill Sergeant (3)

Guard Captain (7)

2 Guild Guards (8)

4 Guild Hounds (12)

Austringer (5)

Any help would be much appreciated! I'm also very new to the rules/game in general (I've played two games so far), so keep it newbie friendly and feel free to dumb-it-down as much as you like!

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not bad, my "standard" lucius list tends to be

Lucius (4 stones)

Drill Sarge




Guardsman x3

Lucius as befits his character has his crew do all the work in the army, using issue command he makes all of your models more mobile and can also make them striking machines. What i tend to do constantly ping people with a hidden austringer force them to come into the gun line that is Ryle.

His abilities make sure that most people will not try and take Lucius head on in h2h unless they are very dedicated combat units or a master. Between terrifying, highest authority (i believe the ability is called) which gives enemies :-fate to all strikes and casts aimed at him. In addition he usually has a defense of 6 (as long as a guardsmen is around). Means he is one tough customer, if all else fails and someone manages to "kill" him. He has slow to die, as long as you have a soulstone you can use that action to heal his wounds and as long as you don't flip a black joker he lives!

I haven't used the hounds yet as I don't own any of the models but I can see where their swarm tactics can be very useful. In addition Lucius can sacrifice one in order to gain reactivate!

Don't forget to use "reinforcements" during the first few activation's of the game, it makes the normally sluggish Captain lightening fast giving him a good 14" boost the first turn. I have even run people into my deployment to redeploy them with "reinforcements".

I believe that Lucius can hire any totem, so I was thinking don't be so quick to discount the Governor's proxy. His high CA of :rams5 means he can also cast Lucius' spells without that much of a problem. The +2 WP also can help!

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A couple of things.

First, when you're totalling up guild hound points, remember that for every two you take to add one SS to your pool, so 3 hounds is actually 8 stones and four hounds is actually 10 stones. I've found list building with henchmen a little trickier then normal masters because they can't exceed their henchman stat for starting stones so you have to hit whatever size the fight is right on the head.

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