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How bad is Hamelin to play against?


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My first crew was Pandora but due to the fact that she is insanely unpleasent to play against (noting here that we are all beginners) and that playing her is a little complex, I got myself the Viks/Friekorps combo. I'm looking now for something at a mid point between the two and am considering Hamelin (I love the background and theme).

However am I just getting into Pandora mk2?


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For a group of beginners...Hamelin will be much worse to play against than Pandora (guess it depends on who's playing Pandora, lol). Read some of the other posts in on this page about Hamelin and you'll get some rough idea, but if you're looking for a crew thats will be challenging and fun for everyone, then I wouldn't get Hamelin...he'll probably make your friends want to stop playing, lol.

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