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Pre-Bayou Wars Malifaux gaming event at +1 Gaming , Metairie LA


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+1 Gaming in Metairie, Louisiana will be hosting a Pre Bayou Wars Malifaux event this Saturday (June 4, 2011) from 4:00-10:00 PM.

This event is primarily focused on honing/developing your crews playstyle in preperation for the Bayou Wars Malifaux tournament the following Saturday (June 11, 2011).

For those desiring them, Demos will be available (one-on-one, or narrated/ refereed). For demos * Fate Decks, Soulstone Counters, and other items will be provided.

Crews available for Demo are :

  1. Lady Justice and the Death Marshals
  2. Seamus and the Red Chappel Gang
  3. Rasputina and the Cult of December
  4. Zoraida and the Hags Puppets
  5. Som'er Teeth Jones and the Gremlins

Ask for Dustin, or just look for the guy with the Black Henchman Shirt and wearing the I Do Demos button.

For those in need of directions:

+1 gaming is located in the Independence Mall (behind the Saki Cafe and Chili's) near the intersections of Veterans Memorial Highway and either Clearview Parkway or Cleary Ave


4201 Veterans Blvd.

Suite A-3

Metairie, LA 70006

Phone # 504-322-3411

Parking is available in front of the store.

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Do you mean this June 4th? Saturday isn't the 2nd.

I actually JUST moved down to Nawlins from Detroit over Memorial Day weekend to start a new job in Metairie. I've got some BBQs planned for Saturday, but I'd love to stop by and meet some of the gamers at the local haunt.

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Ah ya I meant the 4th (cracked head moment, apologies).

Darguth, would like to meat up with another Detroiter. If you can make it cool, if'n you cant thats cool too (as Chainsawhand said there is always the actual Bayou Wars).

Oh and enjoy the B-day Chainsawhand, I dont forsee many demos mainly just open play.

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