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Malifaux Rats win big at the Creepy Structure Casino!


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We just played a game with a creepy structure in the middle of our table. I ran my rats into base contact with it to try my luck and found out how much fun the Creep Structure Casino is for rats. Worse case scenario (as long as a ratcatcher is near) your rat dies and you get another (because the structure kills your rat) best case scenario is you start getting soul stones. After a turn of abusing it a gained 12+ soulstones. At which point we threw them all away and removed the structures creepy title.

Fun Times

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You know, that is just soo wrong! That should be adjusted to say you can't have a model summoned from the death of someone caused by special terrain/events.

Scenarios like that make some crew dirty! Not like Hamelin's crew is easy to counter at the best of times..the thought of a turn of nigh on endless rats interacting and dying/gaining soulstones is a nightmare!

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