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Cerebus V2 card...


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I just got my cerebus last week and was comparing it to the print out V2 card (BTW thx Wyrd for the card redemption program and printable V2 cards it’s what separates you from other companies).

Anyways back to the question part. Is there a difference between the V2 cerebus and the V1? I don’t have the v2 on the bottom of the card and none of us can seem to find a difference (word for word). I could be blind so I checked with 2 other people from our club and no go…?

Thx in advance for the replies.

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There is a link in other posts to a handy list of all the changed cards and what was changed. V2 Cerberus had stalker leap and roar modified.

The v2 can be very small and on a couple of cards I have is half cut off at the card edge. Maybe you have a v2 card that is slightly off centre and the v2 has been quillotined off?

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