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Newbie with some questions


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Hi all

I just have a few questions. I have the rulebook on the way but need to know a couple of things.

Are there any differences between the different colored fate decks? Are they supposed to be faction specific or something?

Also what's a puppet deck?

Is the Expansion rulebook needed?

Will the rulebook give me a good understanding of the different factions and something with which I'm able to compare the basic differences between them? A lot of rulebooks have some rules for the different factions, does Malifaux?

In most wargames I tend to prefer the fragile, fast heavy hitting types so what Faction is that more likely to be?

Thanks guys

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The different colours are just that different backs. You can use any of them, but it does help you avoid getting them mixed up with the opponents.

The Puppet Deck works like a normal deck. They are a touch harder to read however they have great art. I prefer to use a puppet deck, I like the feel of the plastic coating.

It's generally best to look at Masters rather than factions. Different Factions have a feel to them, Rezers will generally have summoning of undead from corpses, Archanist has more magic and constructs. However each faction is designed to have a Master that fit most roles. For fast heavy hitting crews. I would look a Lilith, McMourning, The Dreamer, Kirai, Collette, Lady J, Marcus or the Viktorias.

Lady J, McMourning, Lilith, Marcus and Viktoria are all in the first book, the second book gives extra minions for all the masters + 5 new masters and 6 Henchmen (Think Master Lite)

You can manage to play with just the small rules manual and the cards that come in the boxes. The 2 original books however will give you a better idea of what is available and the background, though the rules and quite a lot of the model special rules have been errata's since they were published. I still like having them to give me an idea of what my opponents can field or what my next purchase will be.

Overtime people tend to pick up 2 or 3 masters as you don't need many models to make a crew viable, If you select a Faction you like you can play 2 masters from it very easily as there are a lot of cross over in models you can use. Though certain crews are a bit more strict in which models work well with them than others.

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The color of the Fate decks is just a preference thing. Some people like the card backs to match there faction color.

The Puppet deck is a special deck made from thin plastic instead of card stock. It features pictures of many of the Malifaux characters as puppets. It works just like a normal fate deck. Some people love it, other hate it. I like the durability of them but they are a bit slippery and the numbers and symbols are a bit different which bugs people.

The expansion rule book is not needed to start. It just features more units from all 5 factions

The Main malifaux rule book will give you the rules and all the units in all factions that are featured in book 1. So you can compare all the units and see what you like.

The one thing to consider is the main rule books actual rules have been heavily written and published in a book called the Rules Manual. A modified version of that can be downloaded here on the site. You might want to consider looking into that. Also some models have had stat tweaks since the first book was released. Again you can download the updated stat cards on the right and the models you buy should come with the V2 cards.

Fragile heavy hitter. I would suggest the Viktorias(they are an outcast sub faction). They are a pair of masters who are very mobile and very dangerous but not very tough. A Lilith Crew might be up your alley as well.

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