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Looking for people from Adepticon


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Not sure if you ate with me. Were you the guy who was friends with Kevin and Drew?

Anyways I was one of the A-con guys(I was the guy wearing the Red Malifaux Hockey Jersey that probably stank by Sunday)

If you are looking for Chicagoland players there is a growing Google group you can check out(see my sig below)

Welcome to the game

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Thanks! :) I didn't get a chance to sit and eat with any of you guys, but I brought McDonalds to somebody on Saturday night.

Its good to be here, and my first faction is going to be The Resurrectionists, though I don't know who will be second (yes, I'm already planning ahead).

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Bahahaha that Mcdonalds totally saved my life Saturday night! Good to hear from you again, and great that you're on the forums now! Feel free to friend me on the Facebook brochacho (Michael Matteson, i'm the one with the blacked out eye)! Guild is a good choice however great choice on Ressurectionists. You got some good taste in models my good man.

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Glad you fed the Spoon. I owe him a dinner after all the help he was at the con(He, Dave and Sean covered for me Saturday night and let me actually leave the con and eat real food).

Yes... feed the Spoon! It was a ton of fun to help out, and I got to watch some epic game? Can't wait to help out again, GenCon perhaps hahaha. I will be there anyway so look for me there. I'm glad you got to leave for real food, you did some good work that weekend.

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