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For all my sins : Part 1


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Well, it's only my second foray into adding anything to this part of the forum, and this is only a short story of two small parts. Part 3 and 4 may appear elsewhere in the forums if general laziness doesn't prevent it.


The silence seemed endless.....

I could feel the fifty or so pairs of eyes burning through my skin like the warmth of the noon-day sun. It gave brief respite from the pain in my knees, but the fear I felt as I knelt before Pastor Creber seeking forgiveness, was real and constant.

After what seemed like an age had passed, I felt his warm hand on my shoulder and I raised my eyes to meet his. A smile lit his face as he suddenly turned to face his flock.

“Well what say we to that my children? We have before us a sinner, one who has defied the rules and laws of our community, one who has acted out of self interest and not the greater good of our loving family. Someone who has broken a bond of trust built up between us over many years.” He bellowed, before softening his tone.

“ What say we to that?”

I remained kneeling on the stone floor but I could feel his presence and charisma grip the attention of everyone present. I had sought forgiveness from my town, and in particular from the man who had guided me over the difficult previous year.

I heard an intake of breath as he continued to hold court.

“Well, I tell you what I say. I say that this girl is but a child. A child for whom we all care deeply. A child who has lost the guiding hands of her elders as a result of the pox that swept through our community not a year past. She is a child who has taken responsibility for her siblings and now for her actions."

“And I say this, it has taken courage to admit in front of all us present here today, and the lord himself, the heinous crime committed and to seek our forgiveness"

“Can you sit there with your heart open and say that you have not sinned.....? I cannot.”

“Can you sit there and say that you too would not have stolen the burnt loaves to feed your stricken young charges.....? I cannot.”

“Can you sit there and say you would have had the courage to seek repentance for such a brazen act before us all.....? I cannot.”

I felt the weight that had been bearing down on me lift, as he continued to address the crowd. I glanced quickly to the front pew and caught the eyes of my younger sister Emily, her hands resting on Thomas’ shoulders as the painfully slim looking slip of a boy stared in awe at the pastor in full flow. I could see hope in her eyes, as she no doubt saw in mine.

I had spent the last year guarding them both from the evils of this place, eeking out a living whenever and however I could. The past months had been difficult however with work scarce, and money scarcer. My community provided free schooling for the little uns’ so their education had not gone interrupted. I had failed them though. I didn’t have enough money to keep them properly fed and in warm winter clothes. I had been desperate.

No-one had seen me taking the bread, no-one but Emily that was, and that was why I knelt here today. Momma had always guided us the right way – we had prayed every mealtime and every night - and what good was I to the little uns’ if I didn’t show them right from wrong?

I heard the tapping of the pastor’s shoes as he headed back towards me. I again felt the goodness of his hands as he lifted me from my knees and turned me to face the congregation.

“ Can any of us here today say that we have the right to judge this poor girl, a mere 15 years of age, for what she has done?”

He guided me down the steps from the alter and into the waiting arms of the crowd. Joy swept through me. I felt the elders Tobias and Raymond grip my shoulders, clearly affected by the words as they spilled from Pastor Creber’s mouth.

“Will we forgive her........? That is for the lord I say”

“Will we judge her.........?"

A smile crept across his face as he took Thomas by the shoulders.

“That is for the Governor.”


A little heavy on the religous overtones I know but it was the only way I felt it could work unless she was in a circus family and I figured a pastor would get more of the time of day than a $$$$$$$$$$.

There is a small clue in there as to what will happen to her next.

Hope you enjoyed, part 2 coming right up. Dundun duh!!!!!

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I like the pace and how you create a strong sense of atmosphere and emotion through 1st person. Don't read many of the stories on here, but you got my random attention and kept it. Look forward to the next part.

Many thanks for that, Is the first time I have tried using 1st person but it just seemed to work better for the story. Part 2 is only about the same length and then it's done. It also introduces some of the more established Malifaux character's.

I read less stories in here than I should, some of them are superb though.

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