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I need some suggestions for putting together a 35 point Dreamer crew. I managed to obtain a Nightmare version LCB (technically for free!) and want to get him out for a tournament, but I've never played with him.

I have a Teddy model and I like Coppelious, but I need to get the rest together and have them painted up ready so I need to get going as I'm not the fastest painter ever! I don't want a cheesy list and would rather have a bit of fun in the games....

So which models should I think about??



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From what I understand, Coppelius and Teddy tend to be an 'either/or' pair, as they're both reasonably high cost models. I'm sure someone will put forward a better list, but maybe this as a starting point:


-2x Daydreams



-Stitched Together


I think that gives you a few cool and fun things to play around with, without being over or under-powered.

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Actually Teddy and Coppelius are not really an either/or pair. You can do just fine with having both of them, but it leaves you a bit low on models. So it all depends on what kind of list you are going for, you really want to make sure your list is dynamic and change it up based on the Strategy you are going up against.

But here is one idea:


Daydream x2

Teddy x2



Total: 34SS with a 6 Cache

Gives you 3 heavy hitters which you need to bounce in and out with your Dreamer + Daydream. The lone alp may look out of place, but you hold him in reserve until Coppelius can generate another Alp or when you need to generate a little annoyance. It's a rather solid list against anything but a swarm. It takes a lot of finesse to get it right, but its always a lot of fun to have 3 big guys running around eating everything in site =)


Daydream x2

Lelu x2 + Lilitu x1 or

Lilitu x2 and Lelu x1

Stitched Together x2

Total 35ss with 5 Cache.

The big bonus of this list is the alpha strike potential of the twins pack. Now you its up to you wither you prefer 2 Lilitu or 2 Lelu, its really based on your play style and who your up against. The 2 Lelus will deal out a lot more damage and can be very tough to put down, but the 2 lilitus are better for objective based games. You can move enemies around, drag out key units way before you engage and feed them to your Lelu or LCB. So it's all based on your style and Strategy again.


Daydream x2


Alp x3

Madness x2

Stitched Together

Total: 35ss with Cache 5

Now yes, this has a small Alp bomb in it and this list is really all about making use of them and Coppelius. On the first turn you have both your Madness on the board, use PE from each of them and then have someone bury them. Now when you bring them out, PE will be up automatically. So when you drop the Alps you drop a Madness with them and just in range on the enemy models you want to effect. So they now have a - flip on their Wp duels. Now what this lets you do is spread out the bomb a bit more, you don't have to worry to much about over-lapping because the Madness will place the - flip on the models who didn't have enough Alps on them. Coppelius then swoops in for the kill on the weakened models and Paralyzes anything that is a huge threat. And lastly Stitched Together is your heavy hitter, dropping Madness on your main target makes it so you should win every Gamble your Life and let you deal out a huge amount of damage!

So there are 3 diverse lists for you to consider. Otherwise I refer you to my Tactica for additional details and strategies.

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Thanks for the guidance guys! I like the Insidious Madness model a lot so it would be good to get that in - too much choice though which doesn't go well with indecisiveness!!

I'll try and get some games in over the next two weeks to see which ones I prefer!

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