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My Ramos Crew


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I have a separate thread I've been posting all my newly painting minis in, but I am so excited at how this crew turned out, that I thought they deserved a thread of their own. :) You can click each of them for a slightly larger picture at the photobucket page.

Ramos is partially inspired by another doctor associated with 8-legged creatures...Dr. Octopus. So, he's been kit-bashed with elements from several other miniatures. I then took some electrical elements from a Hero Clix piece and gave him an 'Arcing Screen'. ;)



Brass Arachnid:









The whole crew!


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The arcing screen is a cool touch. Not sure I dig the blue base edges though. They kinda draw the eye from the mini on top. I do like those bases. Did you make those?

No, the bases are Micro Arts Studios. The blue rims are because I've been theming all my bases in that way. Outcasts have yellow bases, Arcanists blue, Neverborn purple...Draws the eyes a little bit, but I like how it makes the crew look altogether. And makes it really easy to organize/find things in my storage case. :)

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Finished up the rest of my crew! Well, at least for now. I think I still need to add some more Arachnids at some point to fully flesh out anything I might want for a tournament. But for now, these will do plenty well, and gives me more than enough tailoring for the one-off 35 SS games we typically play as part of our League.

As usual....click for bigger pics. :)

First off...the rest of my Arachnids. :)


So now I have two swarms, and 6 individual spiders. Might still grab one more swarm and another set of 3 at some point. We'll see. I tried to put all 6 individual spiders on different bases, to help distinguish them a bit. Still considering putting a tick mark on the base or something to help keep track of damage and such.

Next up....Injun Joss! :)


I was REALLY happy with how the lighting and glowing effects turned out on him. The axe turned out particularly cool, especially once I added the gloss coat to it. Pretty excited about him too, since it took me a lot less time to paint him overall than some of my other pieces, but I feel that I was still able to hold to some pretty nice detail. So, I feel like my painting speed is improving a bit, which is nice.

And now, my favorites of the bunch


These pics don't do the Steamborg justice, IMO. I am really pleased with how his skin turned out. I started with a white base coat, and then did some thin layering with a mix of Goblin Green, Bleached Bone, a light gray, and maybe Elf Flesh too, I don't remember exactly. Then I used a watered down Tallarn Flesh and layered up from that, to make sure he kept a nice green, undead like skin tone. Then I went back and added some red wash around the hoses, and finished off the skin with a regular Ogryn Flesh wash, but really watered down. Also used some heavily watered gray paint around the eyes to give that sunken look. I think it worked out really well. Kept with the blue metallic and yellow theme on him as well, to continue to mesh with the other arachnids. :)

Lastly, my Electrical Creation. I need to take some better pics though. Didn't have my lighting set up right, and it's tough to see how good he actually turned out. So, I'm just gonna post one pic for now, and then snap some better photos hopefully this evening. :)


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Awesome job, I love Ramos! Even Joss looks good lol, my only problem is that it looks like he is barely on the base. It seems like alot of the Micro Art bases will do that though which sucks bc they have alot of beautiful bases like the mystic ruins sets.

Heh, yeah, makes it a tad tough to get him in my foam case, but he fits. That's part of why I angled the axe in his left hand to be more forward facing than the studio model. It looks pretty cohesive in person, actually.

Overall, I've been VERY happy with the MAS bases for this crew.

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OK, got my lighting figured out and finally got some good shots of my Electrical Creation. I traded for this piece from a friend, who already had it painted/assembled. So I had to strip and repaint it, and unfortunately, it was missing the little electrical arcs. So I needed to come up with a way to base it, and I wanted to do something with the power poles on it. Plus, I figured the thing is supposed to float in the game, so why not make the actual mini suspended. ;)



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