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Renegades for Magnus!


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It is just wrong to play either version of Magnus without a pair of Renegades. I mean, these little guys are practically the whole reason you're playing Magnus to begin with.

So here they are, painted to more or less match my other Magnus Agenda stuff. The base on one matches the first group of 'jacks that I painted (and Magnus1) and the second one's base matches epic Magnus and the battlegroup that I painted for the P3 Grandmasters.

Anyway, I posted these guys up on Coolmini, if anyone cares to vote on either of them.





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Looking good! I dig that they have a sense of movement to them. Something a lot of Jacks I see seem to lack any form of action.

Yeah. Most 'jacks are at least a little bit poseable, but it is really easy to give them a very static pose.

The first one's pose isn't even a conversion (I swapped out the head, but that didn't change the pose). The second one had his legs cut up and re-positioned a little.

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