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A little variety in my life (perdita)


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So I play ressurectionists primarily (McM to be exact) and I'm looking to start up another crew to add some variety to my malifaux games. I was thinking of picking Lilith origionally but that would just be going from one melee master to another. I already have the perdita box and will be picking up abuela. I'd like to run primarily Ortegas, can anyone give me some suggestions of a few models to round out the crew? I'm not looking to start collecting a lot of guild, I just need one to two models / blisters to pick up in order to make the ortegas viable in all core strategies. Thanks!

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It's tough, brutal, and fast. (Relentless lets it just about keep up with Perdita on the move.)

Opponents often target it, but that frees up models like Perdita (who has Fast) to go after objectives. If they ignore the Peacekeeper, then you can send it after objectives.

Either way works.

It is expensive (both ways), and a pain to build, but I'd say it's definitely worth it.

If you want some fluff to explain why it's running with the Ortegas, you could always say it's on loan to deal with some perceived threat. Alternately, you could say one of the younger or badly wounded/maimed Ortegas (who doesn't go out on missions) has a mechanical gift and built it for the Family.

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Looking at kdbrand's sig made me think of something...what about adding Von Schill?

I just though of it, so I haven't tired it yet, but I think it'd work well. He's very mobile (Nimble), can leave melee at will (Augmented Leap), and can use 'stones. He's also got his Freikorps Armor.

He may be expensive as a minion, but he's got a lot of tricks up his mercenary sleeves.

Fluff-wise, well, he's a merc, so they could just hire him for extra muscle.

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