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I wish; a box and a Teddy.


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Hi all.

I am brand new at Malifaux and realy fell for the setting and especially Neverbourn! So I asked Santa for Pandoras Box and a Teddy bear :)

The plan is to have a crew that is fluffy and is nice to paint(and convert) and I thought that pandora and teddy fit nicly.

I hope to add, a convict gunslinger modded as an evil *****(why dos Klovn get cought in the filter?), an doppelganger and some stiched together but other then that I don´t know..

Any advice for a noob?

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First up: welcome to the game, this forum, and especially to the wyld & wyrd world of the Neverborn.

You appear to be doing this the right way in that you're setting up with set minis because you love them. We tend to advocate that here, as the game is quite balanced and the whole evolution of the game arose after that of those wondrous scupts.

Pandora is one of three Masters widely accepted as being a tad more challenging to work out (the others being the Arcanist Marcus & the Outcaste Leveticus), but when sorted out she can be extraordinarily brutal. The trick is to get your head around how to play her, and therein lies your challenge.

What I would suggest (and I expect that you've probably done this, but let's state the obvious anyway) is that you start by going over the Pandora threads in this part of the Wyrd forums. You should then pm a member called Karn987 and request a copy of his superlative Pandora tactica (he is very active, so you'll soon run across any number of his literate & erudite posts).

Once you have done those things you will have a very good starting point from which to explore the subtle nuances of Pandy Lurrve, and from then on how your crew evolves will be all down to you.

Have fun.

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Welcome to Malifaux i have to agree from what oozeboss said I may not be a neverborn player but i do have healthy respect for them when i first started i went and read everything i could on ramos so i could get his pros and cons. He is another problem master to play but fun and from what i have read on pandora if you like to use tactics the she is your girl. the only thing i may add is make sure to ask questions because ideas you think up there is bound to be at least one ofther person here that has had the same idea.

welcome and have fun......hope santa grants your x-mas wish.

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Or I will run across you =D

I hope Santa is good to you because you really can't go wrong with Pandora. She is smart, funny, and deadly. What more can you ask from a girl? ;D

It looks like you are well on your way, you can't go wrong with her box set and in fact I will recommend you play purely that (plus maybe her totem) for a long while till you get used to her. Her box set is one of the best in the game and is such a great way to learn her.

As far as advice goes, well it would be to get yourself a first game as soon as you can. Preferably get your first game in with someone who knows the rules well. But start off by reading the rule book and then spend some time with your models stats. Get to know them and think about them. Be sure to get the errata, extra errata, and faq. Make sure to read those carefully.

Pandora is very much a learn as you play kinda master. There is a LOT of theory on her and posts about it. But the best thing to do is put models down and look at them on hte board, even proxies for her. You need to visually recognize her 12" bubble, learn how to best judge ranges for her because each action she does is often very precise and you have little room for error.

Otherwise as Oozeboss said, request my tactica (send me a pm with your email and I send it to you) and ask questions frequently =)

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Hm.. thought I did that. I will try again ;)

A littel about me, I am a long time gamer from first GW and then Warmachin. So I am no stranger to reading ruels and thinking of comboes,that said this is a diferent game and it willtake some getting used to.

I primerly got in to this game for the hobby, so it's got to be models I like. I also plan to do some terrain in the "victoryen London" style and one or two pieces that hide a dryice "fog" machine (water and ice) to add creepynes :)

I will get on that pm now.

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the reason it gets caught in the filter, is because when they were thinking up ideas for a new master they asked what are you all scared of, the vote was "clo wns" and eric was adiment that they were NOT having a crew or master based around it. since people kept suggesting such things, its now blocked :D

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Welcome to the game and the forums.

I started with the exact same combo -- Pandora's box plus Teddy.

While challenging, I think being a warmachine player will set you up well to quickly grasp the Malifaux world. There is no better game out there to transition from -- the skirmish mechanics are similar regarding activations and abilities.

I'm 4 wins 2 losses with pandora. You can do it -- go get 'em.

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