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My Demo Crews


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I have completed painting up two new crews which I will be using for Demo's moving forward. I wanted to take the opportunity to show them off a bit.

Please keep in mind these are Table Top standard.

First is the Ortega Family box set:


and a closer look at that Sexy Mexican gunslinger herself.....


Then we have Lilith's brood


and a closer look at the mistress of the Smackingly big sword.....


I need to go back and get another picture of Perdita, it came out a bit grainy. Not horrible overall though ( I think).

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As I said on your blog I really like the Lilith crew. There is a difference within all the models and still with slight colour placement and the base work they feel as if they are a crew.

The Ortegas are also really cool!

I'm looking forward to seeing the better photo of Perdita. How do they match up with your Lady J crew if you go to use them in a Brawl or cross figures between the Guild?

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I have not used them together in a brawl, but I imagine the synergy is fairly disturbing. As for swapping them within single-master guild crews, my preferred 30SS Lady J crew currently is:

Lady J

Governors Proxy OR Scales of Justice

2x Death Marshal

Judge OR Samael Hopkins

Guild Austringer

Francisco OR Nino

The Ortega's work really well to augment the overall crew. I am thinking about playing around a bit with Guild Guards or Witchling Stalkers, but the slot in the crew is to replace the Ortegas. I have been hesitant to do that and I do not have the models painted up yet, so they are waiting until a later date to play around with.


Yes, I wanted to go with slightly different skin tones for the Nephalim but keep them tied together as a crew. The longer term plan is to also have a place for the Twins (Lilituand Lelu) to add in as well with their red and blue skin.

As for your request for a closer look, here you go!




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