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Southerners: Pink EPS Foam?


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Well, now that I have my Showgirls all painted up and the like, I've decided to tackle a bigger project: building a set table.

The obvious choice, for me, is to use EPS for the bulk of the construction. It's light, it's fairly sturdy, and it's easy to engrave with a pen. Of course, I haven't used the stuff since I've moved down to Houston, and it appears that hardware stores don't stock the stuff, what with the temperature rarely getting below 60 or so.

So, I turn to you guys for advice. Help me get my project started! Where can I find EPS foam, either online or in store?

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Also, it may be blue or gray in your area. Owens Corning is pink, Dow is usually blue. I forget who makes gray, but I haven't seen it in MN (and even then, it was at a specialty lumberyard) in years.

Regardless, here: http://insulation.owenscorning.com/homeowners/get-insulation/

Then you can at least see if anyone aside from home improvement stores carries it.

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I live in houston and have the same issue...i've looked EVERY where. Home Depot and Lowes both carry the pink (Corning) and blue (Dow), but none thicker than .75 inch. :(

and to ship it from up north is insane.

Best solution so far is to glue two sheets together. :(

See, the Lowe's I've checked didn't carry it, although my brother says that there's one by him that does.

The insulation I've been able to find is white expanded beads, which won't work for what I want, and it has a foil backing anyways. Hopefully I'll be able to swing by this weekend and get something going.

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The Home Depot on I-45 near 242 sells the blue Dow stuff. That's where I get mine...just depends where in Houston you are.

I'm in Spring, so that's the closest place for me.

I actually work at 45 and 242, although I live in Tomball. But very nice to hear nonetheless.

We have plans for Sunday dinner with the folks, so I'll be able to swing by tomorrow and pick up some pink foam, hopefully. Once that gets going, I'll be sure to post some pics up here. And, of course, bring the table to Little Wars when all is said and done.

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