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  1. Right now, it looks like my "standard" (IE, just putting things together here) would be something like this: Big Hat: Som'er, 2x Skeeters Lenny, Georgy and Olaf, Old Cranky, Banjonista, Good Ol' Boy, Big Brain Brin (7 Cache) Tri-Chi: Brewmaster w/12 Cups of Coffee, Wesley, Fingers, Cooper, Whiskey Golem, Whiskey Gamin, 2x Moon Shinobi (I know, Fermented River Monks are better) (5 cache) Kin: Ophelia w/Inferiority Complex, 3x Young, Sammy, Francois, Merris, Rami, Gautreaux Bokor, 2x Raider (3 cache) I know, I know, I'll need to swap things up for various schemes and whatn
  2. I started off playing Malifaux way back in 2nd when Colette came out and have pretty much only used her. I became pretty good with her locally, but then I had to move away from my FLGS and things sort of died down. Took at look when 3rd came out and I am really, really glad to see that the Bayou is now its own faction as opposed to being an offshoot of Outcasts. As such, I'm looking to get started up again, but this time with my favorite bunch of swap nutters. So, here's what I'm thinking about picking up along the way. Big Hat seems to be the creme de la swamp, more or less, plus
  3. And some are aMarcus. Kidding. Kind of.
  4. At 35 SS, fitting in the Avatar is pretty simple--you just cut the Dove that you'd be taking otherwise. However, I'm not fully convinced that she's worth it, either. Her ability to mess with cards is, admittedly, very nice, but it's rather expensive in terms of AP and leaves you with less hitting power than before (3 AP for Magician's Duel as opposed to 4). If you were taking something that could reliably bring the pain, setting the opponent up for a strike like that would be golden, but I just can't see Cassie and the Duet doing that much damage. Of course, I could be wrong here--I ad
  5. Given your chosen art style, I really want to see McMourning and a Zombie Chihuahua as Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. WHAT TIME IS IT?
  6. How terrible. Why waste such delicate, expensive machinery when there are plenty of rough-and-tumble Miners willing to dig a quite deep hole just to get a smile from the girls? Seems a bit of a waste, after all. I mean, machines require upkeep. Men just require a little bit of praise. "Ooh, you're so strong" and all that.
  7. Implying that there is a Tier Colette means that you, Tuesday, believe that Colette would stoop to occupy anything as, well, shabby as a tier. She gets the whole damned stage.
  8. I have no problem with the triggers being able to go off as many times as you flip/cheat a Mask. I have an issue with models handing out the required suits for those triggers. In the hypothetical situation with the Ortega, I would have a problem with the model, not with Trigger Happy. Likewise, I don't care about Double Take, but Nekima's ability was poorly thought-out.
  9. I have nothing against Marcus. I'd actually really like it if he became playable--it kind of sucks having only one option in your chosen faction, after all. However, I'm not going to take one person saying "Look, I'm winning with him!" to mean that everything is fixed. Book 3 at least gave him a fun, themed list with the Sillurids, but there just wasn't enough to really push him over to the good side of the chart.
  10. I'm sure he has. And that's good for him. However, his argument boils down to "I win with him." I have won 20-plus player tournaments with Ogres. I wouldn't call them competitive by a long stretch.
  11. You having success with Marcus does not make Marcus a good master.
  12. Maybe, but it's been a lot longer than a month. He's just... Better.
  13. Actually, people are right far more often than they are wrong, but they have a bit of a tendency to exaggerate. Nice underhanded insult to everyone on the boards. There is no such thing as "theorycraft"--it, like "fluff," are denigrating terms for things certain players do not appreciate. Reading the rulebook can certainly lead one to understand how to use models and which ones are better than others. Marcus is not one of those "better than the others" models. He has potential, but with three books, he remains uncompetitive. Maybe Book 4 will help.
  14. There are two schools of thought to this. One school says that in order to understand how something works, you have to experience it directly. The other side believes that rational thought and the application thereof allows humans to figure things out beyond what they directly experience. I do not need to own (and play!) every model in every game in order to understand how each one works, just as I do not need to burn myself to understand that exothermic reactions can cause pain. Several reasons. Firstly, the odds of actually killing something with Electrical Fire aren't al
  15. I dislike the concept of a 1.5, which is why I didn't include it. The very notion is kind of shoddy and stinks of "throwing it in" after the fact. The auto-win situation is what pushes the Dreamer/LCB up to Tier 0 in my book. That and his complete and total saturation at every competition I've been at.
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