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  1. I'm pretty sure judging a painting competition run by a "rival" company wouldn't go over well with the management.
  2. Who are the judges nowadays? I know that whenever the community became involved, theme went out the window. (And congrats again!)
  3. I wanted to, but I just got a new puppy, and he's still too attention hungry to let me have any free time. I'll just have to eliminate you in the second round in spirit.
  4. Aw, shucks. Just a spectator, though.
  5. I have like, thirty-eight different things I want to respond to this with, but they are all now against the rules.
  6. I was going to enter this year. Then I got a puppy. Poor planning on my part. Also, I'm sure this conversation has already happened, but Iron Painter without completely random pairings from the entire pool, and without smack talk, is not Iron Painter.
  7. Bexley

    Bottlecaps bottlecaps bottlecaps.

    Hot off the printer.
  8. Nope. It's possible I might have misread the dates, though. I'm dumb sometimes. Yeah, I think I was looking at a March calendar for the first round, instead of April. Derp.
  9. Ugh, I just realized rounds end on Fridays this time. I get it (gives the judges the weekend to do their judging) but yuck. I preferred the Sunday evening finish, so I had that final weekend to work on things.
  10. Naw, at least three. You have to get at least that far before winning a round involves the same amount of disappointment as losing.
  11. Yeah, they all seem to think this is going to be fun.
  12. Excellent. Wait, are you old enough to buy me a drink in the United States?
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