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Expanding my Ortega Crew.

Jonas Albrecht

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So far, I've been fielding The Ortegas box set in my 25ss matches, and been having a blast with it. However, November dawns, and brings Abuela Ortega with it. I fully intend to take advantage of her stellar Shotgun Wedding ability, and want to start adding some new figures into the mix. There's a couple of guidelines I plan to follow.

The first is that I want to keep my selections to the models that Wyrd has released. The second is that I want to try and start collecting some more Guild models. I am not opposed to Outcast mercenaries, but I really do need more Guild guys.

My top pick has been adding in a Death Marshal. I think they are excellent thematically, and with the Ortega women being able to use Obey on him, using his capture ability will be much easier.

Austringers are also pretty cool. I love the models. Guild Guard aren't too shabby either.

Those are my ideas. I'm eager to get suggestions from you guys.

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Well I think that if you're going against some undead, you might want to take an Executioner.

Death Marshal's are very cool. They also have some nice synergy with Papa Loco, as you can put him in "the box" and rush him to your opponent.

I am not an expert on the Guild so I apologize if I cannot help any more than that, but good luck to you.

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It's fast (don't forget Relentless), tough, and can dish out the pain.

With Perdita, it'd be great for either occupying opponents' models while she runs for objectives. (She's greased lightening with that Move of hers and Fast.) If they go after Perdita, you can use the Peacekeeper for the objectives.

Its one big downside is expense. My recommendation is to look at the scenario your going to play (since you get put your crew together after you find out your strategy), and decide if you need the extra hitting power/distraction, or more models.

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And you can't marry a bot(at least not in Malifaux...yet) :)

One day, our children will look back at our bigoted Robophobia and shake their heads in disgust. One day, Robots will be allowed to live their lives as they see fit, and search for happiness wherever they choose!

I support robot/human marriage in Malifaux!

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