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Vlad the Mad

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Hi everyone,

I've been reading the forums for a while now, and finally decided to join the community as I'm about to go on a Malifaux shopping spree.

I'm a beginner, and I'll probably start with the Guild and the Neverborn. As for the Guild, for the start I was thinking of getting the LadyJ and Sonnia boxes, and was wondering if you would suggest anything else to round up the selection for the start.

I am currently contemplating the respective totems, the Executioner and the Peacekeeper. I'll play LadyJ for the start, but after I get accustomed to the game I'd give Sonnia a try as well.

All advice is welcome!

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you want the executioner, he plays so nice with both of them.

But as far as lady J's totem, it doesn't really do much for you... what I suggest instead is the gov. proxy, his wp bonus works wonders, and there's so few moral duels that will give you problems. since most of the time when a model fails a moral duel it spends so much time recovering it might as well have just died

Also maybe think about grabbing a convict gunslinger, suppressive fire is awesome for keeping your opponents hands empty, and the fact his pistols are paired and he has trigger happy totally makes him worth 6 ss I run him along side sonnia the most just because they could use the extra support to keep models pinned

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