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Greetings from Lewiston, Id!


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I've heard alot about this game. I only just recently got into miniatures and have a small set up, this is a game that I will eventually look into but I wanted to learn more about it.

Sadly, being in Lewiston, Id there aren't many gamers around so much of what I learn is online.

Any information or advice would be appreciated.

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LOL well man, where do I begin.

I've been reading ALOT (I wonder if that's part of the problem) of different things on how to's.

The first thing that I was told was that GW was the best miniatures available, period. That I should only stick with that. Of course there's many games and minis available that look outstanding BUT I'm seeing the pictures posted online so I can't really tell if the miniatures will look that when I get ahold of them.

I got some GW brushes and some Reaper brushes. I got pots from Citadel, Coat D'Arms, Vallejo and some other no name for primer (That one bit me in the butt, and I have NO primer now.)

So questions:

What are the best miniatures to learn on?

Are there particular paints that are better to work with when you're a new painter?

Best primer?

I've found DOZENS of websites with how to do this, that and the other. I've got copies of the Wizard's workshop on my computer.

All of this stuff is great, but I'd love to just get some basic encouragement from someone who can remember being completely new to all of this and having limited funds.

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In my opinion any miniature is great to learn on. All you got to do is have the time to paint and practice this great hobby.

Types of paints. I recommend Coat D'Arms and Formula P3. Because thats what I use. GW paint pots get worse in my opinion every time they come out with new ones or move to another manufacturer. To produce their paint.

Primers very I like Armory primers, but some one else might say their awful. Armory makes a great white primer. Most people forget what primers are for. They are supposed to be a little rough so the paint sticks better to the mini. Paint on primers are amazing also I use them every once in a while.

Keep on asking if there is more questions needing answers. :D

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Well here's a question then. With the Primer that I got, it's just a huge block of ink.

How can i get it so that it's something that I can work with and not just have to throw it away? I got it from Scale Creep and it's Derivan Minis brand black primer, I don't know if it usually comes that way.


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