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Malifaux Tricks Tournament, October 31st, Cedar Rapids, IA


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On October 31st, Tempest Games located at 202 Edgewood Road in Cedar Rapids, IA is going to be hosting an All Hallow's Eve Malifaux tournament.


After the events of last year's Halloween, (see Malifaux Chronicles Volume 3), there was one neighborhood that didn't give out any good treats. This year, your crews are determined to show those cheap jerks what Halloween is all about - Tricks!

Plan to bring 30 SS worth of models.

Cost to enter is $5. Registration starts at 11, cards flip at noon.

First scenario is ready, others will be posted as they're completed.

Round one: "The Chickens are Restless"

Unfortunately, eggs aren't easily available in the Malifaux general stores, and to be able to egg houses, you have to have eggs to begin with.

Set up: Each player takes turns placing 6 Weird Structures (If you have ones that look like chicken coops, all the better!)

Replace the (1) interact with the following:

Non-cheatable flip:

Black Joker: Those aren't chickens! Uncontrollable mindless undead

pops out of structure

1-4: Chickens are Hungry: Damage flip of 2/3/4

5-8: Chickens aren't laying. Nothing happens

8-13: Eggs! Get 1 egg token.

Red joker: Motherload! Heal 1 (Chicken tastes like chicken!), get 2 egg tokens.

Additional rules:

The eggs have to be carried back to the players deployment zone to count, and a

model can only carry 2 eggs (unless the flip to get the second was a

red joker, in which case the model can carry 3).

If a model dies while carrying an egg, flip a card.

Even, place egg counters on the table.

Odd, egg breaks.

Black joker: Chicken bursts out of the egg! It charges the model that struck the killing blow, and is then removed from table (Stats to follow in a later post).

Red joker: Egg of Phoenix - model comes back with 1 wound, but loses one egg counter.


Most egg tokens, minimum 4, at the end is worth 4 vp.

If you have at least 4 eggs in your deployment zone, 2 vp.

~ SemanticDM

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D'oh, forgot time!
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