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Czech republic plays Malifaux


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Hello guys,

I d like to proudly say czech republic plays Malifaux. :-)

I m online retailer, who is specialized in good non-mainstream games.

I m very interested in Malifaux. One of the greatest games I ever played. I play games for about 15 years, I tried or interested in all minis games on the market.

And my favorites are Malifaux and AT-43. Best from the best.

Great setting, great rules. Setting without rules is nothing and vice versa.

I ve started to introduce Malifaux to local players and I m, I think successfull. Average recruitment is 2 players per week. Its a lot for this country. Local gaming clubs and stores rule GW stuff, some FOW nothing else.

So, I like that start this game is cheap, easy and fun.

I like that game setting, it is funny, there are not so many games with excellent rules which have funny setting.

Keep it going. Teddy, undead chivava and more with excellent game mechanics is the best way, I think.

I like possibility to play with girls. Some beasts, animals, girls and women in games. More Tigers and Teddy Pooh for smooth and easy games. Sometimes they re little scary but who cares :-)

I like real scale. No machos in power armour with megaultrablade.

I like superb tournament capabilities.

Maybe you can make more scenarios around the fluff.

Some players said that some overwatch or reacting would be good.

Supporting local stores is very good idea but I think that not all LGS sell stuff for MRPS. Support LGS if they sell any Malifaux stuff for price they want.

Support henchmen around the world with free minis they dont need to be promos.

I would like to see more Fade decks with different artworks.

From my point of view prices could be little down, in Europe its more expensive because of conversion of Euro

currency and taxes (about 20% up). If model cost 10$ then european price is often 10E. Of couse thats life, we are poor country with european prices and asian salary :-)

I think you heard that many times.... :-)

So good luck and wish many players and great ideas.


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