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Custom Teddy

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I had posted this up before as an update to another thread of mine, but didn't get any feedback, so I figured I'd post him up in a thread of his own.

The pictures are all hyperlinked to a larger version, if you want a clearer view of things, save for the first.

To start, the unpainted progressional images. This teddy is made from polymer clay that I had molded, baked, and suspended from his base.




His teeth, if you are curious, are cut sewing pins.

From there, we move onto the painted bits!







And here he is, all done!

(My apologies for the facial glare.)


So please, any comments would be much appreciated! ^_^

Thanks, all!


Small Brush, probably size 1 or 2. (A toothpick for even finer detail.)

Acrylic paints- Carmine, Ultramarine, Primary Yellow, Titanium White, Ivory Black, Pthelo Blue. (I mix all of my colors.)

Sealant- Elmer's White Glue. (This is an experimental alternative to using primer. We'll see how this goes. So far it is holding up.)

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