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Found 56 results

  1. Charnath

    W: Puppet Wars Teddy

    Hello all, title says it all. Playing a TTRPG with a goblin druid that runs around in a teddy bear outfit when not shapeshifted... looking to buy the mini that fits.
  2. Wizaro Elementaro

    Lazarus Assimilate Question

    New to the game here and had a question about Lazarus and assimilate. The card reads: Select a (1) Action printed on target Construct or one of its Upgrades that does not list a model by name. Does the target action have to be exactly 1 point action or can a 0 point action be assimilated. Also, can abilities be assimilated, for example could Lazarus use the Impossible to wound ability of Teddy? Thanks!
  3. Hi all! I'm looking to collect the different sculpts of Teddy with him being my favorite model. So, I'm looking for the following: Nightmare Teddy OOP Teddy (Original sculpt) Miss Ery (Still on sprue only)
  4. Thimblesage

    Teddy's Gobble You Up

    I was wondering if Teddy can make a 'Gobble you up' action if he the enemy is within the Rg:8" but isn't within base contact i.e. terrain preventing. Practical example would be if there was an enemy model standing on a 1" create. If Teddy was standing 4" away with a clear path to push can he make the 'Gobble You Up' legally? I've played games where Teddy has been able to do this as long as he is within his 2" melee range and I've also played games where its been agreed that Teddy cannot Gobble You Up if he cannot end in base contact with the model. In most cases the big defining phrases are 'may', and 'up to' but I've never seen either in relationship to base contact and don't know if it ambiguously can be interpreted as such.
  5. Ghost of Malifaux


    Hey Guys! After starting Malifaux this year (with some Guild Masters). I'm finally addicted to Neverborn and Outcasts (Dreamer, Pandora, Jack Daw and the Vik's) I started my paintjob with some of my favourite miniatures. I hope you like the work. Teddy and Baby Kade Jack Daw
  6. Thimblesage

    Teddy "smell of fear"

    Hello, I was wondering if teddy's ability allowed for 2 things, 1. Out of activation attacks. 2. It reads, when an enemy model within 6" (no LoS requirements!) looses a WP duel, this model may immediately take a (1) Ml attack action after resolving this action. It doesn't say that it has to be against the model that failed the WP duel. I see the SOF mechanic mostly used with his Gobble you Up which gives him usually 4 Ml app to use when combine with flurry, but here's my question. If Teddy is engaged with a Phillip, and a punk zombie charges Teddy and fails, can Teddy perform a hug on Phillip? The ability doesn't read "perform a (1) Ml attack action against the model that failed the duel" so I think my example or any combination of fail/attack would be legal. It doesn't even read that the WP duel has to be against Teddy. So if I had a coppelious use his 2" pulse attack with forces enemy models within the pulse to do a horror check, if any enemy model were to fail and be within 6" of Teddy, Teddy could hug any model within his engagement after Coppelious resolved his current action.
  7. Hello Everyone, i'm looking for the limited edition miniatures of Puppet wars Lucius, Hooded Rider, Pokey Vik and Teddy. somebody who is willing to trade or sell??
  8. Puppeteer

    Dreamer and Tannen

    Has anyone had any experience playing or playing against a Dreamer crew with Tannen with the goal of summoning Teddy's? I love the idea and have started investing in some more Teddy's (total of 3) to either play from the beginning or to summon if the chance arises.
  9. Thimblesage


    Does anyone know how teddy was summoned around minute 12? It appears that the Widow Weaver summoned teddy but that can't be right. I know The Dreamer can summon a teddy if he has the "Dreams of Pain" upgrade but this player is playing Collodi which I thought can only summon puppets specifically marionettes or wicked dolls. Could someone please share how this teddy shenanigan works, thanks!
  10. Trample

    Miss Ery Loves Company

    So I got this mystery box from a recent tournament. Seems like a perk right? Nope, just a lure to get me into some other faction! It's all a conspiracy to take my money. Anyway, it's a Miss Ery and I love the model. Can't wait to paint it. Unfortunately I don't have any neverborn to give Miss Ery the the opportunity to get out there for some hugs. And she needs that opportunity! So, who should be her partner? I don't really like the concept of the dreamer, so he's out. Who else would be a good fit for this model? Pandora? Zoriada? Those two both seem like good options. Which master would you try if your focus was to paint and play teddy?
  11. Hi! I'm looking for the following 3 limited edition miniatures for Puppet Wars game , if possible metal and their respective cards. Lucius, Hooded Rider and Teddy. If anyone is interested in selling them I offer a good price for them.
  12. I currently own four Masters and most of their related models: McMourning, Nicodem, Seamus, Yan Lo. I mostly play McMourning and sometimes Nicodem, haven't played Seamus outside of Crew Box games for years, and never tried Yan Lo. I don't have any trouble against most Factions with McMourning, but some heavily Wp-focuses Neverborn lists really give me the fits. They usually include the Widow Weaver to reduce my already mediocre Wp and one or more Teddies which they can easily move into my face (via pushes from Daydreams or Tangle Shadows), thus usually getting the alpha strike on me and tying up my forces so I can't deal with the Weaver who just makes my Wp lower and lower, until the Horror Duels and their sheer hitting power overwhelm me. In my experience, the general lack of Armor and low-ish Wp really plays towards their strenghts. I'm curious who and what would you take against those lists. I've tried Nicodem against a Pandora list, but she and her little friends have engaged me before I could get the summoning rolling and I've lost, but I feel he might obviously have a better chance against them than McMourning, however he does not seem perfect, either. My ideas so far are: 1. taking a Lawyer with McMourning if I'm against Neverborn for the +ve flip in Horror duels (still not enough imho) 2. Anna Lovelace to counter Lilith's Tangle Shadows and make delivering Teddies harder (they can still charge though) 3. Johan, although usually I get Paralyzed during my activation which he can't help with, but a Relic Hammer can come handy 4. Giving Seamus or Yan lo a try against those lists, or getting another Master. What are your suggestions?
  13. I am looking for puppet wars teddy models. Preferably unpainted, but either way is fine. I have 40k orks to trade or I am also willing to paypal you for them instead. Lets make a deal!
  14. Ceodoc

    Push Etiquette

    Hi When Teddy hits his Peekaboo trigger, can he use the push to move alongside the pushed target? And in 'gaming' terms for Malifaux would this be likened to the 'conga line' shenanigans from WHFB? Or valid and promoted? http://imgur.com/lvRMu3X Ta Doc ps Newb just asking questions
  15. Couchmonster

    H: Paypal W: Classic Teddy x2

    Hiya, I'm based in the UK & I'm after a couple of Teddies, I'm primarily after the classic teddy but would consider the new one if it's unpainted. Hit me up if you can help a brother out
  16. So now I have 3 Teddys painted up to match my Daydreams. I feel like for completeness I now need to get a metal Teddy and have the dark gods smile down upon me so that I might obtain a Nightmare Teddy. I have several other looks at this trio of terror over on my blog. Check it out!
  17. Mike_Mee

    Neverborn Project.

    Hello one and all! With the idea of collecting all the Edition 2 Neverborn, I thought I'ld post my efforts here for you all to enjoy/critique. It's gonna be photo heavy WIP joy! So watch out. Lets start with a base, and a Teddy to go with it! Teddy likes three hugs :-)
  18. Jukar


    From the album: Neveborn

  19. LadyDivine


    From the album: Miniature Painting in Progress

    © Amanda Alcott

  20. Seismic134

    IMG 20141216 085106

    From the album: Seismic's Neverborn

  21. Seismic134

    IMG 20141216 085040

    From the album: Seismic's Neverborn