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Yeah, just picked up Malifaux


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I have been contemplating picking this game up for quite some time. I was looking into getting into a new skirmish games, but I was not willing to jump back into Warhammer.

I was talking to Jason at my games shop here in Michigan and he pointed out Malifaux. I kinda just passed it up since was kinda just hanging in a aisle and not covering and entire wall like Infinity, Warhammer and Warmachine. Well then he told me the game has not been out long and has already gained quite a bit of speed. Leagues and competition run every Monday and people play throughout the week.

The store competition was a draw, but I also play magic FNM. What was a real draw was the image of the figures. I sat in the aisle and read the rule book, just kept giving me more reasons to play. The Saber-tooth Cerebus was the real draw to the game, I thought the figure was amazing. So I bought it and painted it.

So last week I pocked up a Rasputina Crew box, 2 Hoarcat Prides, a rule book and an Arcanist Fate Deck.

Though I cannot play yet, since the "Miners and Steamfitters Union" was in the "Cult of December Box," but I am just waiting for my Rasputina crew to come so I can paint them and play.

Though the demo I played was not enough to keep me happy, I hope it comes soon so I can sate my impatience.

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Well me and my friend were the only ones at Pandemonium (local games shop) on monday for a demo, so Weaver (employee) let us play his crews for about 5 hours. Though I want my own crew, and if I continue to be pleased after the expansion I can organize an event there once a month. I would like to become a henchmen. Yet I do need some more experience.

As far as the miss-pack I recieved an email from Nathan Caroland asking for pictures and address and the situation would be sorted out. 'Till then I need to finish painting these 6 Hoarcat figure.

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