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UK Based Possible Malifaux Tournament - Register your interest!


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Its OFFICIAL! We are now having our Tournament on Saturday 20th November.

I'm wanting to promote Malifaux and want to run a people friendly tournament and would encourage new players to attend as we're all still learning!

As well as the tournament, I am running it as an Open Day where a few of us will be running demo games through the day of Malifaux, branching out into other games systems in the evening as a bit of a social thing.

Let me just run through a few things you may be thinking!

* £5.00 entry for Prizes and Awards

* Story/Scenarios will be decided in a few weeks, be prepared for a few surprises!

* We would like it to be a friendly tournament, being competitive is fine but spare a thought for anyone just starting out. We want EVERYONE to enjoy the game!

Tickets are only a fiver, you cant get better then that! The more who play means the better the prizes and the better the games. We've already had lots of interest, so get as many as your friends interested as you can.

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Thats a shame!

I think instead, you should drag some southerners up north for the tournament. Got together some good scenarios and narrative for the games.

If you change your mind let me know, or direct anyone you know that does want to in this direction. I'd like to make Malifaux bigger in the UK by hook or by crook!

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That would be brilliant. If its a two dayer i'd be looking at charging #10 with more spot prizes with a fiver for a one dayer.

There are plenty of places to eat and stay, Maelstrom is in the perfect area and with a wargames shop downstairs who can complain!

Speak to your group and come back to me, everyone is welcome :D

If there is enough interest, i'll be posting links for tickets at a later date, just give me a rough idea of what factions you'll be using. Hope you can come!

Any questions, just let me know


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I would definately have been interested in playing in a Malifaux tournament and will be at Maelstrom on both the 20th and 21st Novemeber ..... to play in an epic tournament.

Oh well, maybe I can watch some games or have a quick friendly game if there is time.

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Aww dude i am gutted for you! I'm looking to stay around in the evening afterwards so i am sure there are plenty of us who will give you a good thrashing. You should come over to our side :D

Just dont tell the epic guys im trying to poach you! Lol, in all seriousness make sure you come through and check it out.

Only a fiver if you change your mind.......!!

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I'll see if there's any interest at our club. We already have 4 interested in the tournament in Leeds and Newbie_From_Hell (one of our members) is also planning to run a tournament this year.

Hell, at this rate we'll be able to have a national league!

Maybe it's time for Malifaux to be on Rankings HQ!

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