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Levi with the Peacekeeper


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Dunno if this has been discussed before, but I've recently added a Peacekeeper to my Levi list, and I kind of love it. He's basically a cheaper, often more effective Desolation Engine. I know people were saying he'd be a huge hand drain for Levi, but I've discovered that if you activate Levi first and then his last action is Lessons of Death, you can basically prep the deck so the Peacekeeper has no risk of flipping the black joker-4. It makes him absolutely brutal in fights. Relentless still requires a card, but most of the time there's something that you don't need in your hand, like a 1 or a 2, and now they're actually useful!

The chain spear is an additional excellent advantage he holds over the Engine. Not only does he have an excellent ranged attack with good damage output, he's got a way to pull key enemy models towards him and away from the objective or your precious Waifs.

In Melee, he seems about equivalent to the Engine, except that his automatically triggered critical strike means his damage output is tremendously high with the + flip on attack meaning he can deal out a huge 9 damage with a lucky series of flips.

The lack of unstable creation and the armor and 4 defense, not to mention Immune to Influence makes him a great defensive shield as well.

I don't really see why he's not more popular with Leveticus players, for me he's all but replaced the Desolation Engine, though I'll use them together if Leveticus can cobble together enough SPAs. Any huge reason why this is a mistake for me, or has this been discussed to death already?

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