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my McMourning crew(pic heavy)

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@Deapool & Blake I used washes to get the low lights I just haven't gone back and re highlighted again to bring it back up.

McMourning's right eye(left when looking at him) is HARD to get to. I need to retry it with a smaller brush.

@Sturm88 The first few all need to be sealed, true, but its also partly my fault I wasn't paying attention to the sides of the bases as I was very very quickly painting them for use that weekend.

Thanks for looking!!! And thank you for the C&C!!!!! The plan is to touch the first ones back up and seal everything again.

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I understand getting them done so u can play with them, heres a little more advice before sealing them try bettering them. U should try a heavier wash, when I painted Mcmornings crew I made the undead darker than the living models to give them an grimmer look, also try blending for ur highlights and use inks like old citadel inks(red and brown ink mix) for blood effects to give the bloody a fresh look but do that after sealing it or it wont be after the dull coat. So if u use sealant just dull coat them so u can paint over it and then when u are completely satisfied with ur hard work do the two layer seal

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