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Perdita Voodoo WhoDoo Crew? Pic heavy!


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So someone was going to do it, so i thought that i might as well be me!

Thats Right I made a Voodoo doll army, copying my favorite crew Perdita!

Here the pics!

The gang




Papa Loco








And as an added bonus!

The Executioner


Well i still have some work on them to do, I had alot of fun making them, not sure what I will use them for but there cool!

Sorry about the darkness and the photos all I have is my phone to take photos with. Tey are alot brighter and crisper in life.

BTW the litte white lines are stitches, they look a bit off in the photos.

Any comments or tips are welcome!


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Thanks for the comments! ITs been soo much fun painting these! I think it will always be a side hoby of mine to make Voodoos. I just now need to find a new sorce of Confertaion Midnor Dolls, since im running out!!! I am glad though that I got a whole crew, I am thinking about useing some Star wars micro machine Jawas for witchling stalkers, Im not sure if they are too big i got to look around in my storage unit for my old starwars toys... I bet if i use any those will be the ones worth any money down the line... hmmm...

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