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Nice to meet other Malifaux fans!


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Hello everyone! :D I demoed Malifaux at Temple-Con 2010 and was instantly hooked (thanks to a quirky murderer named Seamus and his band of zombie hookers.)

I love the Resurrectionists, but I know I'm going to buy Outcasts the moments I get to GenCon.

The minis-gamers in my area are mainly 40k-ers, and Warhammer/Hordes enthusiasts. In fact, I think the only other soul around here who plays it is my boyfriend (who was thrilled to see me into a miniature game and bought Neverborn so I would have someone to play against.) The zombie Chihuahua has been gaining fans here though--so I'm hoping to convert others into Malifaux. :D

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Welcome to the forum. Get those zombie hookers on the table and the players will surely come to you.

What Neverborn did your boyfriend buy, because Teddy has the same result?

Thanks! I actually showed the game to my friend today (who hasn't played tabletop in years!) and she ordered Rasputina with a few minions right after. :)

My boyfriend plays Lilith and her demon babies :P He plans on buying Teddy along with Baby Kade at Gen Con. :) He's really impressed with Seamus and his Flintlock though, so he'll probably be picking up his own soon. :)

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