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Hello, my name's ***, and I'm a Malfiholic...


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Just thought I'd drop a line and say hi. I can't believe I've missed this game until our club recently got me hooked. I love how easy it is to get started, how affordable it is (since only few models required), simply amazing card/fate mechanic. Yes, at our game night I try to squeeze 2-3 games in every time! I am waiting on my 2nd crew now too (Viks).

Anyone else love how this game is UNIQUE compared to others, yet dynamic enough to offer so many challenges, gameplay types, etc.

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Indeed, I think you are preaching to the converted here.

Welcome to the forums.

Also, how are you finding Nicodem? I think he is next on my list...

VERY model extensive! If you buy Nicodem, you'll find you need to buy canines, crooked men, flesh constructs, mindless zombies, etc! In a 25ss game he can summon tons of creatures! That said, be prepared to spend a bunch on additional models to field him with flexibility (else you'll be stuck summoning what you are limited to). All in all, he's a blast. Be prepared for some sticker shock.

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