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Get The Stick!


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I looked for a clarification on this, but did not find one.

on the Zombie Chihuahua ability, does it spend the action and give the master a body part? or does it have to have a body part to do this.

I think the part im confused on is if it automatically gives the dog a body part to transfer or if it has to have one already.

Hope im clear on what im asking.


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*I am still an ametuer at this game so takewhat I say with that understanding*

If i understand "get the stick" correctly, it works like this:

1. declare action "get the stick"

2. check range to see if a body part counter is within 3" of zombi chihuahua

(usually on sebastian as I think he is the only model other than McMorning with the body parts ability)

3. if so give the bodypart to Mcmourning

that would mean it is probably best to keep the Chihuahua next to sebastian in order to siphon bady parts form him to fuel Mcmorning special ablilities

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A little confusing on the wording, but an old ruling stated that there was no parts required. I don't believe that it has ever been overturned.


Whaaaaat? Is this true? If so: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfPg5LjGYz8]happy dance[/ame] It's odd that the only difference between this and the Vulture's talent is "gain" as opposed to "pick up" ... which could easily be attributed to simple semantics and not a critical difference in the mechanic.

Seems to me something like, "If this model is within 3" of connected Master, connected Master gains 1 Body Part Counter" would be more appropriate.

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