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Help with feathers, a Nicodem WIP thread.


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O.K. I am in the midst of painting up my Nicodem and I ran one small problem:

I've never painted feathers before, and this guy is hauling around a huge Vulture!

Is there anything I should keep in mind while I'm working on the bird?

oh, and so you get an idea of what I'm working with, here's a WIP pic:


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GW codex grey base. (3 v thin layers) 4:1 water:paint ratio. Wash with very thin Chaos black (i use bout 5:1 mix)light drybrush with codex grey then fortress grey. at this point i used a glaze of leviathan purple and asurman blue. i have my glazes almost all water about 10:1 . I would leave the fleshy parts of the bird till last after the messy drysbrush work. The best painting advice i was ever given is very thin layers. awkward at first but results are far better. hope this helps.

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