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Alyce and Victoria's Fluff/rule Question


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Hey Im new to malifaux and im thinking of starting with Victoria's as my Leader but after reading the fluff i am kind of confused on why Victoria can't hire Alyce?

I know that it says in the book that Alyce can only be hired by someone who has scavenge but in the fluff theirs Alyce traveling around with the Victoria's. They even did the clover pact thing.

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Yeah the fluff does point that way but would alyce be any good in a vic crew? I mean you have to save points for ronin and others, you have enough guns in the army as is so what does alyce bring to the table.

Though if she gave the vics the extra card draw that would make her vary useful since "there is another one" or what ever the spell is called is hard enought to cast.

But in my mind she would not have that meny cool skills for the vics and would not be worth he points.

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Leveticus can only take cretin units, and Hans does not work with him.

I use Hans in my vic list not because he is good but because he should be good. Hans is not worth his points. The main Vic list i find is the vics, about 3 - 4 Ronins, the convict gunslinger, Student of conflict (Not out yet) and Misaki. with about 5ss left in a 35 point list.

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I know that Ronins are a must with the Victoria's but are they any good with Leveticus and Alyce?

Also is Hans worth talking with anyone? Victoria's or Leveticus?

Leveticus can't hire any models which are not soulless, constructs, or undead. It's under his "Pariah" Ability.

A bummer, I know, but he can hire any models that fit in at least one of those categories.

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