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Nicodem with Engine and SPA's


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Has anyone tried the Steampunk Abominations with Nicodem? Are they worth it?

The SPA's aren't too good but Desolation Engine is. It's just useless to hire an Engine as he'll almost be dead when he reaches the opponent. Maybe hire all four of the needed SPA's at start or hire two or three and make more along the way. With a Necropunk they can move a lot as they can even follow the leap now. If you have a Nurse on the table the Necropunk is extremely fast.

Stick a needle with Speed and Stimulants to the Necropunk. Then Leap away and stay hidden. A 9" leap and two 6" walks should get you quite far. And the SPA's will follow. And you have reactivate and Arachnid. You don't even have to activate the SPA's before so they can just continue walking after this and turn into the Engine when desired. They'll also be somewhat safe if they just stick close to Nicodem and are under the effects of Bolster Undead. And it'll make the Engine hit even harder.

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I've been thinking about this too, but your engine would be hung out to dry; no way in hell anything else in your force could keep up with that, and even though it's tough it still goes down to concentrated fire rather easily.

Not hiring all 4 is risky, your opponent will no doubt see you coming and try and make sure you won't ever get 4 together. If you just get them all together and use their immunity to ranged attack thingy they should easily be able to get into contact with the enemy without getting blown to bits (just activate them all before using keep pace to march them into charge range for next turn).

Just some random thoughts, haven't had a chance to try it out yet either.

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The movement potential is pretty impressive, but like Headcase pointed out, if you get too far ahead of Nico, you won't be able to take advantage of the bolster. I'm not sure what the benefit would be of taking the SPAs as opposed to, say Killjoy, without being able to exploit the movement potential. All the same, I have to applaud the thought that you put into it. It's that kind of thinking that's always seems to evade me.

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I've been thinking about this too, because I was swayed by the sheer awesomness of the sculpt and didn't think to check the rules to see why I couldn't summon him with Nicodem. Now I just want to use him somehow, because he's darn cool.

hmmmm... The biggest problem, I guess, is the fact that the Big Guy will outrun Nico's buffs, especially if he's trying to keep them on him while they advance. But what about using the buzzard to give him Fog to hide behind while he runs up to maul someone? That'd give him time to get up in the enemy's face, and you have the option of using it either with Nic's activation or the Vultures, if they're too far apart to companionize. Hey, it works with the flesh construct, why not the Desolation Engine?

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