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Malifaux Tournament Atlanta Gigabites Cafe May 15th!


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Event: Malifaux Tournament

Location: Gigabites Cafe 2145 Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30062 (770) 578-1497

Date: Saturday May 22rd 12:00PM Registration.

Organizer: Chris (Hookers). Please direct any questions or comments to me on this forum preferably through a PM.

Soulstones: Games will be played at 35 SS. Each player must choose one faction. From that faction you may bring all the masters and however many points worth of minions or mercenaries you want, provided you pay for the additional cost and it is legal with your chosen Master, to the event. From this pool of Masters and Minions you may make your list for each round after your Deployment and Strategies have been determined. Your list may change from round to round.

Rounds: 3 (2 hours per round)

Entry Fee: $15.00, $10.00 for Club Members. You may join the Club the day of the event. Club membership dues are $15 per year, and you may choose not to renew next year. There are many benefits to Club membership, including tournament discounts, please talk to any club member for details if you are interested.


1. Read your rulebooks, Erratas and FAQs and other relevant material to refresh your memory before attending the event. Remember you may play against players who do not interpret the rules the same way as you do, so be prepared to compromise and accept the fact that you could be playing the rule incorrectly. http://www.wyrd-games.net/Ezine/Malifaux%20FAQ.pdf http://www.wyrd-games.net/Ezine/Malifaux%20Errata.pdf

2. Remember, there is a sequence of play (and a chart is provided in the rulebook). Please speak with your opponent as how to handle slip-ups/mistakes before the game. Should you or your opponent realize one of you has forgotten something then deal with this out of sequence situation as agreed beforehand, if no compromise can be attained then the Tournament Organizer will make the final call.

3. Don’t forget that you need to bring all the relevant materials to play. You will need to bring an official Malifaux Fate Deck. This deck must be in protective card sleeves. The store will have some available for purchase if you do not already own some. You might play a match swapping decks with your opponent to be determined randomly, and by signing up for the tournament you consent to the possibility of someone else handling your deck. Decks may also be checked before and after the match by your opponent and any time at all during the event by the Tournament Organizer.



1. When you arrive on the Saturday morning you must register your Faction with the Tournament Organizer.

2. For each round you will fill out a form saying which models, out of your full crew list, that you used for that match.


1. Don't cheat.

2. I'm serious.

3. If you accidentally draw or flip more cards than were required or permitted then take the first card and discard the extra card(s). If you can't agree or determine which card was the first card place them both(all) face down and choose randomly. If this is happening frequently contact the Tournament Organizer as a points reduction might be appropriate.

4. Watch your opponent shuffle and also offer for a "cut" any time that cards are shuffled.


1. All Rules Debates/Inquiries shall be directed to the Tournament Organizer.


1. When running a tournament, it is difficult to guarantee an even number of players on the day. We will endeavor to even up the numbers. But if there are uneven numbers the following will apply:

2. We will provide a "Fill in" opponent for the last place to play, if we have someone available with army on hand to do so.


3. The bottom ranked player in each round (game play scores only), or a random player for the first round, will be asked to sit out and will receive an averaged score for game play and sportsmanship for that round. You will only ever miss one game (dependant on numbers).

4. If we get lucky, none of the above will apply.


1. A range of prizes will be available and should include First, Second, Third, based on battle points with other scores being used in a tie situation. Best Sport, Best Overall and (subject to the number of entries) a few random ones.


2 - Win

1 - Draw

0 - Loss

Sportsmanship: You will be given a sheet and asked to choose the following statement that best applies to the demeanor of your opponent. No numbers will be assigned to the categories but rest assured they are scored appropriately. The descriptions are quite literal and the middle option should be the aggregate average choice.

-I had a fantastic time! My opponent was wonderful and showed great character and courtesy. We had no problems with rules whatsoever and it was one of the best games I've ever had! I want to marry my opponent.

-I had a really good game and a great laugh against some one who knows what he's doing. I'd play my opponent again without reservation! Might even exchange Christmas cards with my opponent.

-We had an average game, really - a few queries cropped up, but I'd play this person again. I had a pretty fun time.

- It was all right, I suppose. I'm not sure if I really enjoyed it, to be honest, and I probably wouldn't like to play my opponent again.

- It was a very bad-tempered game and I really didn't enjoy it at all. I wish I hadn't played this person and don't want to in the future. I’m going outside to calm down now!


1. A sportsmanship form will be handed out at the beginning of the tournament. This will be used to mark your 3 opponents at the end of each game. The form is meant to be used as an aid to remind you of the players you played against.

2. Please remember that sportsmanship has nothing to do with your opponent's Crew/Faction selection. Sportsmanship has to do with: how friendly they are, if they are helpful, if they gave you a good game, and if they were the kind of player you would wish to play again.

3. At the end of each game, you must mark each of your opponents for sportsmanship. You must fill in your name and then

rank each of your opponents according to the guidelines listed above.

4. The best sportsman will receive a prize at the end of the tournament.



1. Ensure you are using the correct miniatures to represent your units as far as you can.

2. Using non-Wyrd miniatures is acceptable provided they fit into the Malifaux universe and you can tell what they are supposed to be.

3. Conversions for all figures are allowed, but they must be recognizable.

4. If the miniature does not look appropriate, then it may not be used. Basically if it doesn’t look like what it is meant to be, then don’t bring it!

5. Your models do not have to be painted.


1. Terrain will be pre-set by the tournament officials.

2. Please agree what each piece of terrain is with your opponent before the start of the game.

3. Terrain will be appropriately adjusted by the Tournament Organizer should anyone's Strategy(Claim Jump) call for it.


1. Players playing particularly slowly or deliberately time wasting may receive a points score deduction.

2. Prior to each game commencing, players are required to display their crew selection to their opponent and should spend 5 minutes discussing any special rules or features of each model and the crew as a whole. You may simply exchange stat cards, as well.

The Game

1. For all games players will determine the number of victory points scored. Victory points are won for achieving Strategies and Schemes.

2. The Tournament Organizer will flip for each match's deployment type and each player's strategy every round when the match pairs are announced. When you get to your table you may then make a crew list for the match and flip for who will decide deployment, and choose schemes.

3. Schemes may be announced or unannounced but must be written down before the match begins. EACH SCHEME MAY ONLY BE USED ONCE FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT. There are 6 total Schemes, including the Faction specific ones respectively. This means that once you choose a scheme for that match it may not be used again for the rest of the day, and every scheme will be used once. You may, of course, choose to take less than 2 Schemes in order to have more options available later, however.

After the Game

1. At the end of each game, swap crew lists with your opponent and check the following:

· The crew list and the crew you just played against are in fact the same and that there are no differences.

· The crew is legal to the best of your knowledge.

· If there is any problem with an crew list, notify a judge immediately. Any issues must be resolved straight away between the players and the judge. Illegal crew lists will have points deducted at the judge’s discretion.

2. At the end of each game, players must determine the number of points as per rules – see above. Fill in your tournament score on the result form provided.

3. Players must mark their opponent for Sportsmanship. Fill in the Sportsmanship results section marking your opponent’s sportsmanship.

4. It is you and your opponent’s responsibility to complete the results forms correctly.

5. Make sure you hand your result form in to the Tournament Organizer.

Go ahead and post with your name and faction to sign up if you are interested in attending!

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This is this saturday. Signup so far:

1. Zee - Ressurectionists

2. Jessie - Arcanists

3. Jeff - Neverborn

4. Erik - Arcanists

5. Shinall - Neverborn

6. Jamie - Guild

7. Matt - Outcasts

8. Cory - Outcasts

9. Jason - Neverborn

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