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Seamus vs. Tina strat help


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I have seamus set and my friend has tina set. No added guys. Just the box sets. My question is how can I possibly beat her. Every time she just burns me to death. There is nothing I can do. Is there a way to over come this? Or is this pretty much a bad match up that i should expect to loose every time?

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Hard to Wound should keep her damage output at least a little lower on the blasts. And Seamus should be able to do wonders with his Flintlock with Rasputina's low defence if she's not careful with the use of Ice Pillars. Lure her out in the open and shoot her into oblivion. I haven't tried my Tina agains't Ressers but on the paper it doesn't seem such an amazingly good match-up for Tina though there is a lot of low defence.

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You probably don't have enough line of sight blocking terrain on the board.

She is a force to be reckoned with but my games against Seamus (I LDP was one of them unless I was playing Ramos) came down close to draws.

Also check out Rasputina's Freeze Over ability and note her Ice Pillars have to be 2" away from people. Her board control is aviodable.

I'd grab the Copycat Killer for some more hurt.

Seamus' boxed set has everything...except big damage dealers.

Seamus' gun is great but doesn't fire a lot.

Do think about expanding your crew, Punk Zombies hit hard, Necropunk get where you want them.

Also, make sure you are playing Strategies and Schemes and think about what you can do.

Belles are fantastic for Reconoiteur, they are one of the few crews who can realistically survive that long. Lure is very funny with Treasure or Claim Jump. You can select schemes to play to their strengths.

In addition to Hard to Wound, cheat in cards so she doesn't get a positive flip on the damage, her blasts only come from high damage flips so if you can keep it down it'll work.

The rest of her crew is primarily defensive so if you can weather her shots coming in you should be alright.

Also, play the Strategy and Schemes, not the opposing crew.

If you can achieve your objectives while staying hidden from her she will be walking around 3" and wasting Action Points she could be using to cast.

Raspy's starter set is one of the easiest to use out of the box so you will have a challenge on your hands.

Nicodem has been giving my Raspy hell...

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