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  1. I still have not been updated and I have been a Henchman for years. I'm a bit disappointed by this.
  2. Again not Malifaux but a friend introduced me to Saga the other day and I decided to paint up some Scots. Lord and Thanes (one of the Thanes wasn't quite finished when I took the photo). Been playing around with different Tartan patterns, lot of fun! The Shields are interesting to work on too, I think I'm going to try some more complicated patterns. We are starting a new League in Brisbane this week so it should motivate me to paint some more Malifaux.
  3. Looks really good. I love the Gator Blood Team, can't wait to see more.
  4. They're gorgeous. Love the OSL and the way it carries over to the whole crew. Is there going to be a display base at some point?
  5. Not Malifaux, but we've been playing a lot of Zombicide lately and I wanted to have a custom Survivor. Introducing "Kenneth" Working on Misaki and friends at the moment, should have some pics soon.
  6. Hapless Peon

    Tara crew

    Agreed, Karina in particular looks pretty fragile.
  7. Hapless Peon

    Tara crew

    I love the fact that one of her core tricks is to give your opponent Fast and that confers bonuses to her own crew. So your opponent gets more AP to play with but are going to die more quickly. Really makes me feel like the idea behind her is, "Live Fast, Die Young." In regards to the Bury mechanic being NPE, I think your opponent is only going to have 1 model buried most of the time and that's not unreasonable. The trick is going to be juggling what you're burying and unburying. Death Marshals need to be in 1" range to Pine Box so you're looking at turn 3+ and as others have said it's not impossible to avoid being boxed.
  8. Hapless Peon

    Tara crew

    I think Bishop could be really good with Tara. Swift and Fast will stack giving him a filthy 4 General AP to play with. He can deal out Slow to negate the positive effects of Fast that are being handed out and adds an extra threat to the table. Other Outcasts that could be good are; Convict Gunslinger and Hans for some ranged threat that is otherwise lacking and both can trigger for Slow, Ronin who can Seppuku for additional cards (or Stones), the obvious Killjoy and maybe Hannah (not 100% on her).
  9. Am I correct in noticing that neither the Void Wretches nor Cthulhu (sorry, The Nothing Beast) have a characteristic such as Living, Undead or Construct. Would this mean that they simply do not drop a token of any sort on death? Really looking forward to seeing what this crew can do, I have a feeling that Tara is going to be right up there with the most powerful Masters.
  10. Will Dual Faction cards be in both Faction Arsenal Boxes? Do I buy Outcasts or 10 Thunders to get Misaki.
  11. I play Waifs. Oh wait... Damnit, I'm playing Student of Conflict for now.
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