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Nathan Caroland

Guidelines for posting News and Reviews ...

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If you have news on something that is happening within the miniature or gaming industry, please feel free to share the excitement and let us all know! The same goes for a review on a game or product that you feel would be benificial to us all.

First and foremost, if you are going to do either, please take the time to provide proper links, pictures if there are any available (or if you think suitable) and do it in a courteous manner. If you believe that a certain product is terrible, tell us why, not just "this #@$@#$ the big one!"

Please preface title with either NEWS or REVIEW, depending upon the information being delivered so that quick searches can be conducted.

Fairly simple guidelines. Feel free to pimp your own product as well, but be prepared for comment and critique!

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As I have already been asked I'll go ahead and just post a quickie reply/update here.

If you are a company owner or rep and you feel that you have something that you feel that the community would be interested in hearing, please, feel free to announce and advertise all you wish, with pictures and all the bells and whistles if you wish.

Always happy to have someone do all the work for me. :D

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Updating this once more.

In the past I or someone closely associated with Wyrd has helped post news, etc and it has been something that we've kept up with, but never really 'announced' unless it was privately. Anyhoo, going to add one more official update to the NEWS AND REVIEW section.

If you are a company or a representative of a company, please, feel free to post information on your products, but only on finished product. In the past and on other sites, it has become an issue and arguements have occured where info is asked for on WIPS of sculpting, etc. While I appreciate that, in general, that is what the other companies forums are used for so that they can respond a billion times if need be and edit as need.

You'll notice that I never post WIPS, only finished sculpts or product, and although that has been the official standing for some time at Wyrd, its never been stated publically, though many times privately. Mainly it is in place so as to make my life easier, I don't have to police the thread and folks don't get all bent out of shape. To a lesser degree it is due to the fact that Wyrd produces its own line of miniatures and I frankly wouldn't want to be accused ot taking someones idea, blah, blah, blah .. (its already been floated at me once, to them I say bugger off).

If you've got finished product - show away. Here at Wyrd, I'm more than happy to pimp out other folks line of miniatures, something that is frowned on by some other manufacturers, but hell, I figure there is enough out there for everyone and frankly, I like seeing what folks think of this or that as well.

Oh, and this rule is for companies, or those that plan on selling their work on their own. If you wanna show off your latest GS'ing sculpt that is for your own use, or conversion work, by all means (that that would belong in miniature showcase instead on N&R).

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