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Basic Tomb Delving in the Ashes - My theorising rant on McCabe

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So I’ve tried McCabe a handful of times. I like the concept of our Indiana Jones, but on the table, it’s been … messy.

Generally, I’ve been focused on something involving Samurai, hucksters and Riders, and it never really worked. I’ve found Riders/Hucksters seem challenged without the +2 from McCabe1, but the 50mms seem challenged by terrain and hucksters, although fine, always seem outshone by Desper.

But my last game kinda ‘click’ed - even if Pandora wrecked the Wastrel’s minds - I found that juggling artefacts to keep the crew Fast was more important than the actual effect of the artefacts - where I was looking more to making more permanent ‘builds’.

So with the upcoming dark duo, I sat down to ponder how to do McCabe to add him to my tournament bag along Lynch and Youko.

So here’s my base :

McCabe Tomb Delver

Iggy Pup

Host Ducat

Alleyway Echo

Corpse Curator

Desper LaReaux

Minako Rei

and 12 stones to play with.

The Unpack Playbook

Deployment fairly bubbly with McCabe, Iggy Pup, Desper and host Ducat close to the Corpse Curator for card draw. Minako and the Echo needs to be fairly close as well.

I usually try to keep my master in reserve, but McCabe needs to kickstart his machine, and get those artefacts(and focus+1) out and cards drawn. So I’ll start with either McCabe or Iggy to start playing hot potato with the artefacts, feeding off of the curator.

Next part is to draw out time, while setting up Minako’s summons. With Desper and the curator, building up the hand with hopefully two 10+ masks - or at least 10+s - and putting a Mask on McCabe and the Echo.

With the Curator a bit forward, it’ll be time for Ducat to do his magic and put down three Shadow Markers to heal it. Then for Minako to summon two Katashiro.

And then after the two katashiro, the echo should be able to take off, ripping off fast to teleport up to the last shadow marker to become fast and then go to town.


Possibly hire in two Terracottas / Huckster / Story of Monkeydude

As tech.

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