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The Rise of Time - Element Games, Stockport - June 8th and 9th


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Howdy all, Even though I planned on taking a little break from running events this year due to the arrival of my tiny tyrant, I couldn't pass up the chance to take the previous world cup slot. While it won't be the world cup I will try to make it particularly awesome.

The event will be a 5 round two day event held at Element Games Stockport and tickets will be £30 (send via PayPal as F&F to carl7lee@hotmail.com). Malibingo will be making its return and will add a little bit of extra fun to each round. There will be a raffle and once again I will be aiming to have a big prize to raise as much money as possible for charity.

Expect all of the usual staples of an event ran by me - trophies, BiF, swag, best painted (TBA) and a prize for last place. As the event grows I will open up further recognition for 'challenges' for those who want something a bit different. I am also just clearing with Element the use of the venue after the first days gaming for an evening social that will include a quiz, use of their bar and food to suit.

I will track the attendees here, we have an initial 32 slots to fill but can increase as demand requires. I will provide a rules pack soon as well as a little bit of background to the theme of the event and what that means for those in Malifaux. The event will be ranked, 50ss fixed faction and places are available now.

1. Radek Bry (P)
2. Dan Brown (P)
3. Jamie Astbury (P)
4. Yan Pietrzak (P)
5. James Boosey (P)

6. Kay Sharrock (P)
7. Jon Fearnley (P)
8. Matthew Denton (P)
9. Jamie Varney (P)
10. Emma Newham (P)
11. Ashley Horsley (P)
12. Dan Fearnley
13. Adam Wallis 
14. Tomasz Chrost (P)
15. Fiddler (P)
16. Bush (P)
17. Tom Kapel (P)
18. Steven Harwood (P)


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Just a heads up that the weekend this event is being ran Element Games currently has no other events on so we will have a premium amount of space and a huge max capacity.

As always early sign ups are massively appreciated to allow budget allocation.

Also... Wyrd prize support has already arrived :)

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Just wanting to confirm that for this event it will use clocks for timing - while over time there has been some back and forth about whether this is good or not for the community I want to ensure that my events divides the time evenly between each player. The full rules for using chess clocks will be in the rules pack that I will be publishing this week. The clocks will be provided by the venue but feel free to bring (and use) your own if you want to / prefer to.

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