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Youko thoughts


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Long time ressers play and I've dipped into ten thunders as I'm sick of summoning.

I've given Youko a go. My friend usually plays outcasts or greminlins.

Last two games I've had were close losses. I was at fault for the 2nd with bad strategy. 

My basic list is

Youko 1









I wasn't that impressed with the kunoichi.

Kabuki are hood but I'm not sure where they sit, can they scheme run?

Samurai was a decent backfield defender .

Youko is OK but a steep learning curve. Is the best way of keeping her Alice to stack soul stones?

I don't like to hammer versitles but I'm tempted by kara and maybe a tanuki.

Would a few terracotta warriora work? Just as targets for my opponet.

Any thoughts appreciated



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I've only played two games with Youko and lost both of them, so take any advice with a pinch of salt, but I found I had no problem keeping her alive.  Opponents seem to be more concerned with a Henchman murder puppet than a master who doesn't deal out that much damage.


I don't have Charm Warders or Kunoichi yet, so the list I ran tended to have 2 Kabuki Warriors, Bill, Hinny, and a Bunraku.


The Bunraku will be the first thing I replace.  It dies too easily.  This is also the reason I haven't taken Geisha yet.  4 health and no real defensive tech just sounds like a waste of 4ss.


My first game was against Som'er, and I lost 8-1 because I just got bogged down and couldn't score.  If I go against Som'er again it will be with 2 Charm Warders to limit the number of pesky summoned models.


My second game I lost 8-5 to Colette, but the strat was Plant Explosives and honestly Colette's movement makes her absolutely bonkers in any schemey pool.


Now Kabuki Warriors I have loved in both games.  Combat Finesse makes it easier to win on defense, keeping them alive.  The rip and Tear trigger on the Lure is a really good way of making sure that you can consistently get the positive on the damage flip with the Greatsword, and A New Horizon is great for getting Scheme markers where you want them.  Turn 1 a model drops a Scheme in your Deployment zone and the Kabuki Warrior can push them into the corners for Power Ritual, or up the field for other Schemes.  It's really useful for scoring a surprise Ensnare.


Masked Agent feels like a must on Hinamatsu.  Relentless is always amazing and With Me combined with Rush means 8 inches of table can be covered in a single Charge, and another model can be taken with her - either something like a Kabuki Warrior (to get them into combat for that sweet pos to damage without Charging), Bill (to keep her alive a bit longer), or a Charm Warder to put it in the middle of an enemy line where it can do some horrible things.  I used it to charge a Mechanical Dove and get Youko herself into the enemy deployment zone, then Hinny killed the Dove and Youko was free to drop explosives and Schemes, and attempt to hand out Distracted.


Which brings me to my biggest issue with the crew - If Youko can't hand out Distracted, she doesn't really get to do much.  Riddles in the Dark does nothing if the hands are equal, and We Own You can't be used if you can't get the Distracted out.


I'm going to invest in Youko 2, Shojo, and some Charm Warders before my next game I think...

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