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Question about Haint movement/action priority selection


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Hey everyone, I have a few questions about Haint movement/actions. Do Haints move their entire movement every time, or do they stop as soon as they get in range of a target?

What happens (like in scenario 1 when a Haint's action tells them to move toward a side of the board). Since that is priority, do they move towards that side and do nothing? Or do they move then re-do priority to do their action? This question is interesting because it kind of breaks the rules according to the book. It explains that the Haint checks priority first, before moving, then it does it's move/action.  Otherwise, maybe the order of operations should go:

1. Check for movement priority

2. move

3. check for action/attack priority

4. take action


Because by the rules as written it would move to break side, then do nothing since the priority target is the board.


Last question about Haint movement, specifically in scenario one, is the Haint action where it says to move adjacent to the farthest Vagrant and haunt every other vagrant in it's direct path. By direct path, does that mean in a straight line, or would it move up or down one (if the farthest vagrant is above/below) and haunt everything in that row? OR would it move in a straight line and finish it's move right under/above the vagrant (which is technically the shortest path), but not as damaging to the vagrants (hobo rule).

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For what it’s worth, you’ve posted the day before a three day weekend, and the discussion of the game on the Discord server is much more active.

I’m posting while snacking on break, so I won’t have time to offer a better answer until about ten hours from now.


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