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Into the Dojo : Part 17 : Performers vs. Honeypot


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It was one of those classic stories. Hopeful artist aim for the stars, when love struck crimeboss and casino owner enters, stage right, and promises him the world - only for a night of sweet, sweet love. And when the crime boss won’t take no for an answer it ends with the inevitable dance off.

STRATS : Covert Operations, Flank

SCHEMES : Breakthrough, In Your Face, Catch and Release, Vendetta, Spread Them Out.



Lynch + Huggy + 8 Stones

Kitty Dumont


Mr. Tannen

Lone Samurai

2x Beckoners

THOUGHTS : I ditched my usual Illuminated for Beckoners, as I wanted to be able to Catch the performers on their poor Wp and beat them up. Lynch2 is probably the better, but here was a chance to turn monkeys into junkies.



Mr. Cooper + 3 Monkeys + 5 stones

Baritone Lola

Carlos Vasquez

Ferdinand Vogel

Gunsmith w. Magical Training


THOUGHTS : Lynch hates getting shot, and I could get the best shooters in the biz and teleport them around while giving them +flips on the defense. Vogel is a great Circus act to complement the performers, both providing healing and Wp attacks. While scheming would be left for Lola and Carlos.




Both crews were reluctant to advance. Knowing very well it could spell Doom for the crew. Lynch passed, and Cooper sent a Flying Monkey up to survey and make way for his deadlier performers. Yet, the lecherous monkey fell for the siren’s call of two Beckoners and soon found itself in the midst of the Honeypot, a brilliant sheen now glowing from it’s wings. Seeing where it headed Cooper sent a Gunsmith to dispatch of the monkey, but the Hungering Darkness immediately called for it through the Beckoners.

Cooper worked his magic Presto-Change-o-ing himself and the second Gunsmith to center and Vogel off to the flank. But suddenly the Despicable Mr. Tannen got in the way. The Gunsmith rushed into help his buddy and bladres 4 health off of Tannen. Only to see Lynch come in block LoS between the two, while pumping his mate full of Brilliance - but sadly not managing to kill her.During the fighting Baritone Lola scuttled off on the flank, while Vogel dumped a scheme marker by the objective on the other, turning into a mighty werewolf to face the Lone Samurai and Kitty.



A fierce fight for initiative, each crew cheating twice ended with Lynch winning and turning both Gunsmiths into addicts, one Illuminated, one Depleted. Cooper did his best to block the Honeypot advance throwing himself and Carlos in the way, then stabbing Tannen to death with a neat Sword Trick. Carlos proceded to set the Honeypot on fire and blocking their way with a big Pyre, but died to the claws of the Illuminated Gunsmith as the Beckoners doused the flames.

Huggy set his sight on Lola who hid by the far objective dumping yet another scheme marker, while Cooper vanished in a puff of smoke.All alone Vogel/Beast made a boo-boo. He let out a mighty Roar turning both Sammie and Kitty into Adversaries, then charged deling out two impressive Severes and a Weak damage, before the Sammie hit him for seven, letting Kitty advance remove the scheme marker and claim the objective.

SCORE : Performers 1 (Strat) vs. Honeypot 3 (Strat, In Your Face, Vendetta (Sammie vs. Vogel).



It was fun if quick, the Performers eff’ed up. Getting into a center scrum instead of leveraging their superior mobility, but I never considered how fast Mv7 will get you in Trouble, when used against you. On the positive side, I finally think I’ve got the hang of how to unpack via Presto-Changeo.

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