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Lightkeeper scenario (end of time) pg. 83 (Question)


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Completed both glass box & metal cage rituals. Now what? Nothing indicates what to do next and trapped in box car B by terrain with no way of reaching event tokens 9 & 4. Skipped ahead and read event 3 but can't activate it unless lightkeeper is broken 3 times but you can't break him in his "endless" mood which contradicts giving him his humanity back if he is already broken 3x. (Event 3 is placed on break #0) Misprint?

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Hey Brent,

Sorry to hear that you got stuck on this Scenario!

It appears that you may have missed a very important line on the Rewards for both of those Rituals (Rattling, Unraveling and All Consuming Light). 

Spoiler territory for those who haven't gotten this far yet:




Both rewards begin with "The Lightkeeper Breaks." - if you performed both Rituals, you would then reach Event 3 on the Break track, which changes his Mood, which means you can continue the fight. 


If I misunderstood the issue you ran into, let me know!

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