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Dashboard Model Display


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Odd or perhaps Wyrd question,

   Has anyone put their Malifaux models on display in the dash of their vehicle? I live in a high heat environment where one can stick sculpey in a dashboard and have it bake hard over a few days during the summer.

I'm a touch concerned the models would melt, with the concern being somewhat greater for the preassembled ones since the material seems a touch softer.

I can always stick some sprue in the dash next summer and see, but let's say for argument's sake that the models don't get damaged by heat, any thoughts on how best to protect the paint jobs in a relatively harsh environment?

For gaming I already consider a high gloss coat of varnish followed by a matting down layer necessary to protect the paint, but in this case I'm wondering about UV damage.


Any thoughts out there on this?



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I moved from a very cold place to a very not-cold place a few years ago.  I haven't tried Sculpy-on-the-dashboard yet, but I've absolutely had some art supplies left in the car melt over a work day.  None of the plastic I've left in the car has been damaged yet.  

I obviously don't know exactly what kinds of temperatures you're dealing with, and I leave mine in the trunk so I can't comment on UV damage, but this is at least one anecdotal piece of evidence, I guess?

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I'm a Jeep owner and a have a few ducks on my dash, haven't had any melt yet... although there are urban legends of them doing this. They wouldn't be the same type of plastic though that mini's would be. I would be willing to bet that the paint will fade over time though, just from experience with paint that I've had on pots and such in the yard... 

But... I say find some figures that you wouldn't mind too much if they got a little messed up and try it, see what happens, and let us know! :) 


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