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A Breach in the North V - March 25th - Element Games, Stockport (SOLD OUT)


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After a successful return to running Malifaux events at Element Games I am pleased to announce the first of my four events taking place during 2023.

A Breach in the North returns with its fifth installment. This event will be a 3 round event using the latest Gaining Grounds and will be played at 50ss / fixed faction.

Entry is £15 and can be made via PayPal to carl7lee@hotmail.com with 'A Breach in the North V' as title and as friends and family. Please note that there is an offer to purchase entry for all of my 2023 events at £75 (this saves £10 to purchasing separately).

A relevant Facebook event and rules pack will be created / released shortly. All of my single day events will be capped at 32 players.

1. Dan Brown (P)
2. Radek Bry (P)
3. Yan Pietrzak (P)
4. Ruth Bedder (P)
5. Alex Mead (P)
6. Steve Johnston (P)
7. Tomasz Chrost (P)
8. Steven Finch (P)
9. Stuart Baxter (P)
10. Jason Miller (P)
11. Emma Newham (P)
12. Jamie Varney (P)
13. Alyx Drake (P)
14. Steven Harwood (P)
15. Michael Timms (P)
16. Gordon Barlow (P)
17. Justin Plimmer (P)
18. Luke Cocksedge (P)
19. Lewis Philips (P)
20. Kai Young (P)
21. Olivia Philips (P)
22. Tom Kapel (P)
23. Oz Goff (P)
24. David Garrard (P)
25. Sam Cooke (P)
26. Callum Palin (P)
27. Bush (P)
28. Ashley Horsley (P)
29. Daniel Fearnley (P)
30. Mark Logan (P)
31. Paul (P)
32. Kev Shirtcliffe

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Good morning all,

Apologies I have been quiet regarding my events - the new year has been quite manic.

So a quick update - I will be doing a rules pack that covers the single dayers and a second pack for the weekend even that includes accommodation details etc. I am in contact with Wyrd regarding prize support and the trophies etc. will be shown soon as I am discussing these being produced.

Lastly and maybe most importantly I will be announcing the food option on the day.


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  • Cleezy changed the title to A Breach in the North V - March 25th - Element Games, Stockport
  • Cleezy changed the title to A Breach in the North V - March 25th - Element Games, Stockport (SOLD OUT)

Evening all,

Here is a link to the Google sheet for recording food. Just put a little tick in whatever pizza you want and then also if you plan to attend the little gathering afterwards


For the little social gathering afterwards I will be booking a table here


Please input pizza choices by midday Thursday and social space ASAP

Thanks in advance :) ps let me know if the Google sheet link doesn't work 😂

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