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Events and Volunteers - Origins and Gen Con

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Hey Wyrdos,

Convention season is nearly upon us. Despite it feeling like we just got back from Columbus, Origins is just a few weeks away. And Gen Con is right around the corner!

Are you planning on attending at either convention? Let’s take a look at all the Events for each show.

Origins hasn’t yet made their Events public, but because it’s not far away (June 8th through June 12th), we thought we’d give you a head start by talking about the types of events that will be there.  

We’ll have Learn to Plays of all our games: Vagrantsong, Bayou Bash, Malifaux, and The Other Side.

We’ll also have a Through the Breach Neverborn Character Creator Event, where you’ll take your monstrous creation to ransack a train in the Knotwoods!

Make sure to bookmark the Origins Event page so you can be ready for when sign ups go live!


As for Gen Con (which is August 4th through the 7th), well, they made their Event sign-ups live yesterday, and many of our Events are already filled. Let’s take a look at two events that still have some room available:

Double Random Rush is a brand new Malifaux event that we’re trying out this year. Each round, you’ll randomly be given a teammate, a crew, and opponents in this special Double Rush event. No need to bring any crews or cards – everything will be provided for you. Whoever can win the most in this chaos will walk away the champion!

Another exciting event is this year’s Titan Smash for The Other Side, and you don’t even need to bring a Titan! We’ll supply the big chonky models to play. All you have to do is sign up!

For a full list of the events at Gen Con, head here.

Are you attending Origins or Gen Con and want to volunteer? Use the form below to sign up!


We’ll see you at Origins and Gen Con soon!

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