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M2E Gremlins player, sorting through the wreckage…


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Hello fellow swamp-dwellers, I recently started playing M3E. I had played M2E gremlins, and had four masters…Somer, Ophelia, Zoraida, and Brewmaster. Of those, Somer and Ophelia got the most play. In fact I never really got enough of Brewmaster painted to have much range with him. I also, had a lot of pigs, henchmen and other minions who are all out of keyword for me now. I have been busily painting more Tri-Chi and have had fun playing them, making ‘Tri-Chi’ my go-to crew in M3E.

My question for the crowd is this…if I want to keep my collection relatively compact, by which I mean just 2-3 key words, who should I focus on alongside the Tri-Chi? I can just barely run ‘Kin’ and ‘Big Hat’ from what I had painted for M2E. Of those, ‘Kin’ would be easier to bulk out, but ‘Big Hat’ certainly has more entertaining stuff for me to paint up. Also, I only have Trixiebelle, but the ‘Tricksy’ crew amuses me as well. Thoughts?



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To be honest, if painting minis before playing with them is your priority, I would add to a crew you would like to paint and/or play next.
On the other hand, if crew performance and scheme/strat coverage is very important to you as well, how about playing a few games with Brewie first? Then you can decide what are the strengths and weaknesses when you play him and what crew you help cover that.

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You can field kin crew without many more purchases. Just consider Sammy or Gracie and you should be fine. 

Sommer is a summoner now, so you probably want to have a big pool of models to choose from, which contradicts of your idea to be compact. 

Insee you could relatively easy build Uilix crew if I you like piggies!

Tricksy is a really cool keyword but it wold be significant investment. This is a crew I would recommend to someone who wants to limit himself to single or just few masters, because Mah and ger models can have very different playstyles depending on if you go traps, mechanical, roosters or a mix of all. But if you want to mostly base on your current collection, then maybe try something else. 

My recommendation for you would be Brewmaster, Ophelia and Ulix.

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