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Hey Wyrdos,

I would like some information. I am in an area of the Midwest here in the United States. I have been interested in possibly being able to run a sanctioned tournament for Malifaux, even to run a Marshal Law league. We have a fantastic organizer, but I would love to learn how to do so as a backup to this wonderful Henchman. If anyone could point me into the direction so I can get any and all information, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Can I ask what you mean by sanctioned? 

From what I see other companies call sanctioned events, Wyrd doesn't do that.

Anyone can run a Wyrd event, it doesn't need formal approval from Wyrd, and that approval wouldn't gain you anything.

I don't know what a Marshal Law League is, from what I can tell is its a localise set of rules for running a league, and that is perfectly fine and acceptable. 

Wyrd produce a set of tournament rules to help the organisers, but as they put in the rules themselves, these are guidelines and the organiser is welcome to chaneg them to fit their event. This should be a link to the Gaining Grounds document. 

M3E-Gaining-Grounds-Season-2.pdf (squarespace.com)

The latest set is Season 2, but there is nothing to stop you using strategies and schemes from earlier seasons and the main rule book if you want more variety. 

The best way to learn how to run events is to help run them, and once you're comfortable with what it involves, run your own (possibly with support from your henchman if you want).

Good luck and have fun

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